International Private Medical Insurance Inflation - 2018

International Private Medical Insurers and Inflation

The premium data used for this study is based on international health insurance plans sold by eight major insurers that offer plans in all top IPMI locations featured in this report.

The following reflects two changes which have altered the insurers list from our previous annual report on IPMI inflation:

  • Allianz Worldwide Care has now rebranded as Allianz Partners.
  • Aetna International’s InterGlobal plan has now been renamed to Aetna International Pioneer.

Besides these rebrandings, the insurers and plans featured in this year’s 2018 report remain the same as last year’s:

Insurer Plan
Aetna International International Healthcare Plan
Aetna International Pioneer Plan (formerly InterGlobal)
Allianz Partners (formerly Allianz Worldwide Care) International Healthcare Plans
AXA PPP Healthcare International Health Plan
Bupa Global Global Health Plan
Cigna Global Silver, Gold, and Platinum
William Russell Limited Elite Plan
IntegraGlobal Premier

Average inflation by insurer

The global average premium inflation rate in 2017 was 7.0%. When looking at premium increases by insurer, Cigna Global had the lowest average premium increase worldwide - an overall negative figure of -2.0% for 2017. The next three insurers with the lowest average global inflation rates were: Allianz Partners - 5.0%; AXA PPP Healthcare - 7.8%; Bupa Global - 8.0%

Which insurer had the highest global inflation rate in 2017?

All other insurers' average global IPMI inflation rate increases ranged between 8.6% and 10.3%. As with last year’s findings, IntegraGlobal had the highest average premium inflation rate (10.3%), with Hong Kong (15%), China (12.6%), and Singapore (12.6%) witnessing the highest increases. That being said, the insurer’s global inflation rate increased at a significantly lower rate - from 37.77% in 2016 to 10.3% in 2017.

To be clear, while IntegraGlobal posted the highest inflation rate in recent years, it does not necessarily mean that their plans are the most expensive. Rather, when comparing them to the other insurers featured in this report, their average premiums increased by the highest percentage.

Click the download button below to view the full report which includes an in-depth look at the five-year average inflation by insurer, the insurers with the lowest five-year average inflation, and why Cigna Global had the lowest inflation in 2017.