International Private Medical Insurance Inflation - 2017

Average IPMI Inflation 2009 - 2016

The chart above shows the average increase of international private medical insurance (IPMI) across the globe from 2009-2016. Interestingly, in 2016 the average percentage increase of international health insurance plans was exactly the same as that seen in 2015, 9.2%. When compared with the average Consumer Price (CP) inflation seen in the 10 countries included in this report (3.76%), it is clear to see that our finding from the last report - that IPMI is around 5 percentage points higher than CP inflation - held true for 2016.

Furthermore, when you compare the average IPMI inflation with the average increase in Global Consumer Prices of (as of June, 2016) 7.2%, health insurance inflation was only 2% higher. This indicates that health insurance, especially international medical insurance, is largely immune from global price inflation trends.