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William Russell Member Benefit

William Russell Member Benefits. Health insurance plans include access to a 24 hour helpline, expert health advice and other products and services.

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  • William Russell offers a range of member benefits including premium saving options to access to emergency medical service teams, providing members with affordable options and ease of access to good health care in their new home country.

    William Russell provides an efficient delivery of service, with time frames applied to the different stages of the claims process.

    See what benefits are available to members:

    • Global Health Company plans:
      Medical History Disregarded (MHD) Benefit
      No waiting periods
    • Global Health plans:
      Optional Benefits to save on premium
      Direct Billing services in Hong Kong and China
      Medical Emergency 24 hour Hotline
      Claims Assistance Helpline
      Time frames on Claims Process

    For more information about William Russell health insurance plans, or to receive a free Health Insurance Quote, please contact one of our dedicated advisers today.

  • Global Health Company plans

    Medical History Disregarded (MHD) Benefit

    • Available to companies with 10 or more members on the Group Plan
    • No medical underwriting – no evaluation of the applicant's medical history
    • Pre-existing conditions are covered such as diabetes or asthma.

    No Waiting Period

    • Immediate coverage for employees and their dependents
    • No waiting periods for treatment to be covered such as maternity, dental, or optical treatment.
  • Global Health Individual and Family plans:

    Optional Benefits to save on premium

    • Expats in Singapore and Hong Kong can opt for a semi-private room instead of a private room to reduce their annual premium.
    • Expats in Africa and India can also lower their premium by limiting their geographic area of cover. Treatment is excluded outside the African and Indian region. Emergency treatment is covered outside the area of this region, up to US$100,000 excluding the USA, Canada, the Caribbean, and London.

    Direct Billing services in Hong Kong, China and the UAE

    • Direct Billing is available to expats living in Hong Kong and China. It is available as an optional benefit on the Global Health Elite (Gold, Silver or Bronze) plan and incurs a small surcharge on your annual premium of 4% in China and 0% in Hong Kong. Direct billing allows members to receive outpatient care at a list of Network Provider medical centers, without the need to pay and claim for treatment.
    • Direct Billing is offered to expats living in the UAE on the Global Health Elite or a Global Health Essential Plan. Members can use direct billing benefits when claiming for inpatient treatment and outpatient treatment at Neuron's Network of Medical Providers. There are over 640 hospitals and medical centres lists on the Neuron Network Prover.
    • Hong Kong and China: Network Providers listed by William Russell

      Bayley and Jackson Clinic
      Hong Kong International Medical Clinic
      International Medical Centre
      United Family Medical Centre
      Vista Clinic
      Amcare Women and Children's Clinic

      Shanghai East International Medical Centre
      Shanghai St Michael Hospital
      Sino United Health Clinic
      St Reiss Medical Centre
      United Family Hospital

      Hong Kong
      Quality HealthCare Medical Services

    Medical Emergency 24 hour Hotline

    • Medical Emergency 24 hour phone line services are available to all Global Health Plans through CEGA and Global Assistance and Healthcare.
    • CEGA: Available to all members on a Global Health plan (excluding those living in Indonesia):
    • Global Health members have access to CEGA, a UK based hotline offering 24 hour medical emergency and claims assistance to expatriates worldwide. CEGA employs health care professionals including general practitioners, nursing, dental, occupational health, and remote health care staff.
    • CEGA can provide a range of services over the phone including first aid, health advice, locate a doctor or hospital, and organize emergency assistance and repatriation. The service is offered in over 30 different languages.
    • Contact CEGA on +44 1243 621155 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
    • Global Assistance and Healthcare: Available to all members on a Global Health plan, living in Indonesia
    • Global Health members living in Indonesia have access to Global Assistance and Healthcare, a 24 hour medical emergency phone line and medical centre service. Global Assistance and Healthcare is the country's leading emergency and repatriation service, staffed by medical professionals with knowledge of the local health issues and health care system.
    • Global Assistance and Healthcare offers a 24 hour Alarm Centre staffed by medically trained consultants, members can call the service for emergency assistance, health advice, first aid, locate a health professional, and organise emergency evacuation and repatriation.
    • Global Assistance and Healthcare offers a Medical Centre based in Jakarta and staffed by qualified and experienced health care professionals, the service provides medical examination and other primary health care services.
    • Contact Global Assistance and Healthcare on 021 725 2866 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

    Claims Assistance Helpline

    • All members on a Global Health plan are offered access to a claims service helpline.
    • The claims assistance helpline assists members with: Pre-authorise inpatient treatments Pre-authorise emergency treatments Provide details of your policy benefits Confirm if your treatment is covered under your claim Receive updates on your claim Other claims related services
    • Contact the Claims Helpline:
    • United Kingdom: + 44 1276 486 460
      6am to 6pm Monday to Friday (UK hours)
      [email protected]
    • Dubai Insurance Company: +971 4 2697708
      8am to 5pm Sunday to Thursday (Dubai hours)
      8am to 2pm during Ramadan
      [email protected]
    • Global Health members can contact the Emergency Medical Assistance Helpline for claims queries outside of office hours.

    For more information about William Russell health insurance plans, or to receive a free Health Insurance Quote, please contact one of our dedicated advisers today.

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