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William Russell Company Overview

Founded in 1992, William Russell is one of the world’s best providers of medical insurance cover. Get a free international health insurance quote here now.

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    Established in 1992, William Russell is an international insurance provider of health insurance, life insurance and disability insurance products. During the early nineties, William Russell had recognized the increase in demand for quality international health insurance products, driven by the rise in companies expanding internationally and distributing their employees overseas. Over the last two decades, William Russell has emerged as a leading insurance provider in the market, awarded on several occasions for its achievement in delivering innovative products and exceptional customer service.

    William Russell firmly hold value in the quality of service, “We promise to deliver consistently excellent standards of customer service at all times”. By setting time targets for every claims process, William Russell are able to respond to any inquiry by the next working day. They endeavour to ensure that the entire claims process takes no longer than five working days.

    97.2 percent of policyholders reported being ‘reasonably’ or ‘very’ satisfied with the service they received during their claims process. William Russell are proud that their service allowed for 100 percent satisfaction with regards to the speed of processing claims.

    William Russell believe that working closely with both clients and regulating bodies is the best way to provide quality international insurance. Allianz Nederland Schadeverzekering NV take control of all underwriting procedures for William Russell. With The Allianz Group ranking at number twenty in the Fortune Global 500, number nine in Europe’s Top 50, and holding an “AA” rating from Standard & Poor’s, William Russell is a highly financially rated insurer and customers are assured that they can rely on a reputable company.

    William Russell has received recognition for delivering a range of quality products and excellent service to its customers. William Russell have also been recognized for their commitment in the international insurance market, expanding their services to the Far East.

  • William Russell Awards:

    • 2009 William Russell winner for Best International Private Health Group (2nd time in three years)
    • 2009 William Russel winner for Best International Insurance Provider.
    • 2009 William Russell finalists for Best Commitment to Service and Best International Provider Far East
    • 2007 William Russell winner for Best International Private Health Group
    • 2006 William Russell winner for Best Commitment to Customer Service

    For more information about William Russell Health Insurance Plans, or to receive a free Health Insurance Quote, please contact one of our dedicated advisers today.

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