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Integra Global Insurance

Integra Global logoIntegra Global is an international health insurance company that is dedicated to providing quality insurance products to American expatriates all over the world. Headquartered in the USA, Integra Global has an extensive international presence and operates out of locations in the Americas, Europe, and Asia. This means that no matter where a policyholder may be located, Integra Global is always able to provide effective solutions for a myriad of health problems that expatriates may have.

As an American insurance company, Integra Global is extremely active with American expatriate communities all over the world. By interacting with US citizens living overseas on a community level, Integra Global is able to offer services that directly address and meet their policyholder’s needs, helping them cope with the everyday issues that come from living outside their home country. These tailored and specific services mean that Integra Global is able to provide a level of dedicated service that is matched by only a small portion of the rest of the international medical insurance industry.

By providing 24 hour service and help hotlines, Integra Global gives all policyholders quick and reliable access to top-rated medical centers all over the world. With all of these attributes, Integra Global has proven to be at the forefront of the insurance industry. Remaining committed to its goals of efficient, dedicated, and reliable service, Integra Global effectively guarantees you will always have the coverage that you deserve.


"Dear Pacific Prime, I want to thank you for carrying Integra Global as one of your insurance providers. I recently returned to Baltimore on home leave where I cut my foot badly by stepping on broken glass. I was quickly driven to Johns Hopkins Hospital (one of the best in America!) where I was stitched up. When I went to ask for the receipt, etc. I was told that the administrative staff would file my claims for me and all I didn’t have to pay anything! Integra Global is a truly integrated and seamless insurance company. Two thumbs up."

"When I set up our insurance plan for our new branch office in Shanghai, I was very confused in choosing an insurance provider. Different employees had different requirements so I was looking for a flexible and comprehensive insurance provider. On top of that, most of our management team are Americans who required that they had provisions for coverage when in America. Luckily, I found Integra Global. They offered us the most comprehensive plan that allowed employees to choose their doctors and also provided good coverage in the States."

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