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International Medical Group

IMG logoThe International Medical Group, or IMG, is dedicated to understanding and meeting the needs of expatriates all over the world. Focusing on international medical health insurance plans for individuals, families, groups, and companies, IMG is determined to offer you the coverage levels that you need. By delivering superior services in conjunction with flexible and comprehensive insurance policies, IMG ensures that you will always have the protection that you need, no matter where in the world you may be located.

IMG has policyholders in over 150 countries around the world, and as a result, has the know-how to help you maintain your policy on a local level, wherever you may be. Having on site medical specialists and a superior claim handling process means that when you have an IMG policy you are always assured of receiving the specific, tailored, solutions that you need.

IMG is partnered with Sirius Underwriters, one of the top insurance organizations in the world. Sirius has been rated by Standard and Poors as A-, meaning that they have the financial stability and professional experience to give you the insurance plans and services that you deserve. With professional staff, dedication to detail and policies that meet the demands of the modern world, IMG is able to afford you simple and effective solutions for all of your international medical health insurance needs.

Awards and Testimonials

  • "Inner-City 100" award by Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) and Inc. Magazine (2006)

"I recently went to Macau for a bachelor party. We decided to go bungee jumping - a stupid idea in hindsight! – and I sprung my ankle. I decided to walk it off back to Hong Kong where I sought medical attention at a hospital. Luckily I had the extreme traveler travel insurance plan because I was covered for all my medical bills, even though I went bungee jumping! Thanks for the great product!"

"I want to praise IMG for such well-thought policies. Last month, me and my friends were scheduled to go to Hawaii for some fun in the sun. On the way to the airport, I got into a car accident and missed my flight as a result. Since we bought inexpensive tickets, our tickets were not refundable for their full amount. So at that point, I was pretty sure I lost out big time. I called IMG to see if I could cancel my travel insurance and low and behold, the rep told me that they would cover my losses resulting from the accident – including the airplane ticket! What a clever policy. Thanks IMG!"

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