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GlobalHealth is part of the internationally renowned AIG group and provides comprehensive health insurance worldwide as an International Insurance Company.

GlobalHealth logo International insurance company, GlobalHealth, is a member of American International Group and is internationally renowned for providing some of the worlds most comprehensive and flexible health insurance products. AIG, is a world leader in the provision of insurance and financial services, and is one of the world’s largest international health insurance organizations.

With international operations in more than 130 countries, AIG and GlobalHealth are able to offer expatriates the quality services that they deserve. By implementing clear channels of communication with which they can interact with their customers, AIG and GlobalHealth are able to provide effective solutions for a multitude of issues that international expatriates may encounter.

By offering innovative and customizable insurance products and services GlobalHealth is constantly looking to provide its customers with the best protection available. Understanding what it means to be an expatriate in the modern world, GlobalHealth and AIG, have the experience and the knowledge to help protect you and your loved ones.

Offering global facilities in conjunction with local services, GlobalHealth has the ability to interact with local authorities and healthcare providers all over the world. Understanding local laws and customs in many different countries means that this insurance company is in a unique position to provide you with the help that you deserve.


While vacationing in Cebu, Philippines, I was bitten on my cheek by some type of insect. I immediately began to swell up and had the chills. It was a frightening experience. My hotel called the ambulance and I was taken to a hospital where I was treated with steroids and other medications. My policy with GlobalHealth was a great help because as a new graduate, these expenses would’ve broken my bank. Thanks GlobalHealth!

N. Mamo
K.L., Malaysia

Hi, I live in Hong Kong. I recently cracked my chin open in my swimming pool and had to get 15 stitches. I want to thank GlobalHealth’s team for aiding me in finding a hospital and covering my treatment. They were very courteous and went the extra mile by calling me back to make sure I was doing ok!

M. Gumbel
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

For more information about the international insurance company, GlobalHealth, or the products and services that we can offer from GlobalHealth, please contact one of our expert advisers today.

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