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GeoBlue is a leader in helping world travelers and expatriates access quality healthcare services around the globe. GeoBlue combines ongoing research, a contracted global community of physicians and hospitals, advanced internet and mobile applications, and a wide range of experience in medical insurance to ensure members’ health, safety and peace of mind. Founded in 1997, GeoBlue offers a full range of individual and group specialty health insurance programs, all of which include GeoBlue’s Global Health and Safety Services available online, through our 24/7 medical assistance call center and via mobile devices. Presently, GeoBlue annually provides health insurance products or services for more than 650 group clients serving over 650,000 international diplomats, students, world travelers, corporate employees and expatriates.

The mission of GeoBlue is to provide international travelers with quality health insurance programs designed to meet the highest expectations for integrity and service. Each group is personally supported by a dedicated account manager and a group of industry experienced representatives who are available by phone or email 24/7. Additional support is accessible through the company’s unique online tools and databases designed to be user-friendly and informative.

Geoblue is a recognized leader in international medical insurance and medical assistance services. They have earned a reputation as an innovator in promoting access to quality healthcare and streamlining insurance services.

GeoBlue plans are underwritten by Highmark’s HM Insurance Group; an A- rated carrier licensed throughout the U.S. Highmark is one of the nation’s largest health care companies, serving millions of members. Highmark’s HM Insurance Group has more than twenty years of experience for providing risk solutions.

For more information about GeoBlue medical insurance plans, please contact one of our expert advisers.

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