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GeoBlue is an international leader in delivering group and individual health insurance plans. Get a GeoBlue quote today!


With more than 20 years of experience as a leader in international healthcare, GeoBlue is a trusted provider of health coverage to individuals, families, and companies of all sizes. The company specializes in offering comprehensive and compliant international health insurance solutions to employees who work and travel overseas.

GeoBlue is renowned for their extensive network of 1.7 million healthcare providers globally, as well as their international presence in 190 countries and territories around the world. With a community of carefully selected, contracted facilities and doctors in almost every country, GeoBlue operates with the mission of providing unrivaled peace of mind to global nomads.

What insurance plans does GeoBlue offer?

It’s easy to choose the ideal international health insurance coverage with GeoBlue, as they offer plans for individuals, employers, and academic institutions alike. 

GeoBlue insurance for individuals 

Individual clients who live a global lifestyle are after healthcare that works around the world. With a GeoBlue health insurance plan, you can get long-term coverage and short-term coverage (single and multi-trip options). On top of that, GeoBlue offers specialist solutions for students, faculty, and more. 

GeoBlue insurance for employers

Providing Blue Cross Blue Shield Global product solutions, GeoBlue’s network offers flexible coverage to more than 190 countries. Blue Cross Blue Shield Global is one of the largest global networks and provides a vast array of compliant health solutions to meet clients’ unique needs, such as:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Expat - International medical coverage that’s suitable for long-term working professionals and their dependents 
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Global Traveler - Short-term medical coverage that’s ideal for international business travelers. 
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield Global TCN - Catering to third-country nationals, this flexible and cost-effective plan is suitable for traveling employees who don’t need US benefits. 

GeoBlue insurance for academic institutions 

GeoBlue understands the needs of students, faculty, and staff who are away from home and looking for quality care despite being in a foreign place, language barriers, and so on. GeoBlue health insurance plans for academic institutions include: 

  • Inbound international health plans and services that offer the entire range of health benefits needed to meet the needs of inbound individuals
  • Inbound international health plans and services that offer health insurance that’s needed to bridge gaps between domestic health insurance plans

What you can expect from a GeoBlue plan

GeoBlue offers international health insurance solutions and services so that individuals, employers, academic institutions, and more can experience peace of mind no matter when or where they need it. GeoBlue gives their members:

  • Access to one of the broadest global care networks in the world
  • Integrated support via centralized programs and tools
  • Industry-leading digital tools so members and administrators can easily access and manage their healthcare

Get a GeoBlue quote now!

Whether you’re looking for a GeoBlue travel insurance plan or an international health insurance plan, the next step is to reach out to Pacific Prime. Our expert advice and plan comparisons help you find the ideal GeoBlue insurance plan for your needs and budget.

Along with the benefits that GeoBlue is known for, you’ll also receive our value-added services, such as claims renewal support, form filling assistance, and more at no extra cost of going directly to an insurer. 

Click on the button below to secure your GeoBlue insurance plan today: 

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