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CIGNA Company History

Cigna company history dates to 1792 as the first Marine insurer in America. Today CIGNA offers life, accident and global benefits insurance.

  • 1792 Insurance Company of North America (INA) is established in Philadelphia. It is the first Marine insurer in the United States.
    1794 INA introduces Life Insurance products, offered to Sea Captains in protection against death long voyages.
    1865 The Governor of Connecticut founds the Connecticut General Life Insurance Company (CG). In 1981 INA and CG will merge to create CIGNA.
    1871 INA reimburses $650,000 in claims following the historic Chicago fire, paying all claims in full.
    1887 INA appoints agents in London, Vienna, and Buenos Aires, expanding its business internationally.
    1897 INA expands business into China. INA appoints China's Yang-tsze Insurance Association, as its agent in Shanghai. INA is the first American insurer to underwrite in China.
    1898 Under new management, Benjamin Rush, CIGNA introduces a new method to calculate risk assessment. Claims are reduced significantly and profit spikes. His new method is named ‘scientific underwriting’.
    1906 San Francisco earthquake causes widespread fires and extensive damage to the city. INA pays losses in full of USD$4,772,000.
    1912 CG introduces Accident and Health Insurance products and services, expanding their Accident Department.
    1913 CG offers its first Group Life Insurance policy, insuring over 100 employees at the Hartford Courant newspaper.
    1918 As a founding member, INA helps to establish the American Foreign Insurance Association (AFIA). The AFIA expands business internationally throughout Europe and Asia. CIGNA will acquire AFIA later in 1984.
    CG introduces Group Insurance products, insuring more than 5,400 employees at Group Oil.
    1919 CG introduces Accident and Sickness insurance products.
    1921 INA withdraws its membership from the AFIA and independently grows its business.
    1924 CG writes its first Group Pension contract.
    CG opens an office in Chicago.
    1925 INA moves to its new head office building in Philadelphia.
    1926 INA and CG are both moving their businesses into the insurance of Flight and Aircraft. CG moves into its new head office building in Connecticut.
    1937 CG becomes a leader in providing Group Health Insurance products, covering hospital and surgery.
    1942 INA insures empoyees working on the Manhatten Project, a research and development program that introduced the first atomic bomb. INA was not aware of the nature of the employees' work.
    1946 INA expands internationally, providing products and services in Europe, Adia, Africa, Central and South America.
    1950 CG introduces Major Medical insurance policy, first product in the United States.
    1958 INA purchases its first electronic data processor, an IBM 705 computer.
    1959 CG purchases its first electronic data processor, an RCA 501 computer.
    1964 CG introduces Group Dental insurance products, for business with more than 35 employees.
    1965 INA acquires Pacific Employers Group (PEG), a workers compensation business scheme.
    1968 CG organises its business into three tiers CG Fund, CG Income Fund, and CG Companion Fund.
    1970 INA establishes an injury management department called International Rehabilitation Associates (IRA). Claims are managed and assessed using second medical opinion services.
    1974 The Metropolitan Clinics of Counseling (MCC) is founded in the US. Later in 1989, CIGNA will acquire MCC offering their services through their Employee Assistance Program.
    1975 Onsite medical services are offered through CG.
    1982 INA and CG merge and create the name CIGNA, as it is known today.
    1983 CIGNA designates Philadelphia as their head office location.
    1984 CIGNA acquires AFIA.
    CIGNA acquires Dental Health Inc.
    1989 CIGNA International Financial Services is formed to offer life and health insurance products internationally.
    1990 CIGNA acquires EQUICOR, an employee benefits provider.
    1992 CIGNA has been in operation for 200 years.
    1993 CIGNA adopts a new logo, known as the 'tree of life'
    CIGNA International opens an office in China and Hong Kong.
    1997 CIGNA acquires Healthsource, a health care company.
    2001 CIGNA wins various awards, being recognized as a good place to work.
    2002 CIGNA Vision Care is formed.
    2004 CIGNA focuses on health insurance products. CIGNA introduces CIGNATURE products including CIGNA choice fund. CIGNA Group insurance integrates health and disability products and services.
    2005 CIGNA is awarded for “Best Health Plan Initiative for Consumer Directed Health Care” and “Best Technology Introduced by a Health Plan Organization for Employee/Consumer Choice”.
    2006 CIGNA acquires Star HRG, a low cost health plan and coverage for casual and part time employees.
    2009 CIGNA receives gold in 2009 Gartner & 1 to 1 Customer Experience Excellence Award.
    Today CIGNA operates in 25 countries serving more than 11 million members.

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