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BUPA Company History

About Bupa International Company History. Click to find out more on the company and Bupa International Health Insurance plans.

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    1947 Bupa is founded in the United Kingdom, providing health insurance to over 38,000 customers.
    1950 Bupa launches its first group health insurance product, the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) the first of its clients.
    1957 Bupa assists in funding to create the Nuffields Hospital Trust, a group of private hospitals based in the UK.
    1960 Bupa was providing health insurance to around 400,000 customers which included 4000 companies.
    1962 Bupa helps to set up the International Federation of Voluntary Health Service Funds, to support the growth of private healthcare worldwide.
    1970 Bupa's first health screening centre is opened
    1971 Bupa's expands internationally, launching its business in Malta.
    1973 Bupa Medical Research is founded, an independent charity supported by Bupa and other charity funds using information gathered from Bupa health screening centres to improve screening.
    1975 Bupa Hospitals are established
    1976 Bupa launches its business into Hong Kong
    1979 Bupa Foundation is established, an independent medical research charity focusing on health prevention, cure and treating sick.
    1981 Bupa opens its first purpose built hospital
    1982 Bupa introduces Worldwide Cover, providing access to medical coverage to people living and working overseas.
    1986 Bupa assists universities in training medical undergraduates
    1988 MediCall is created, a 24 hour helpline providing health and claims assistance
    1989 Bupa acquired Sanitas, Spain's largest health insurance provider
    1992 Bupa extends its services into childcare, opening its first Teddies childcare centre in England.
    1994 Bupa introduces Dental Cover and includes a network of over 2,800 dentist. Bupa Assurance is created, offering health protection products and services.
    1996 Bupa expands internationally with ventures in Bupa Thailand and Bupa Ireland.
    Bupa launches new products including:

    • Bupa Health Monitor - health check and two year health plan
    • Bupa Fitness Manager, fitness health assessment
    • Bupa Health Fund - member benefits to accumulate credits to buy more Bupa products
    • Bupa Care Homes - specialist care to residents in nursing homes and residential care settings.
    1998 Bupa acquires UK cash plan the Coventry and Warwickshire Hospital Saturday Fund
    1999 Bupa acquires UK Barbican Healthcare, today known as Bupa Wellness
    2000 Bupa has more than 10 million members located across 195 countries.
    2002 Bupa acquires Australia's AXA Australia Healthcare
    2005 Bupa acquires United States' Amedex, today known as Bupa Latin America
    Bupa acquires Denmark's ihi Danmark, today known as ihi Bupa.
    Bupa launches its business into China
    2007 Bupa acquires United States' Health Dialog
    Bupa acquires Australia's Amity Group
    Bupa acquires New Zealand's Guardian Healthcare
    2008 Teddies childcare services grow to over 3,500 children in attendance
    Bupa Ireland is sold due to regulatory changes
    Bupa acquires Australia's MBF
    Bupa joint venture with Max India
    Bupa acquires Cromwell Hospital in London, England
    Bupa Middles East changes its name to Bupa Arabia.

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