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BUPA International Claim

BUPA Thailand is a leading health insurance company in Thailand, providing comprehensive coverage options to more than 2,000 companies and organizations, in addition to their services offered to individuals and families.

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  • Bupa International claims are made by:
  • Pre-authorisation

    • After treatment is pre-authorised, a claim is made by the policy holder or the medical bill is directly settled between the hospital and Bupa.
    • Find out which treatment need to be pre-authorised by Bupa.
  • Pay and claim

    • Some outpatient services may require the policy holder to pay for their treatment and claim.
    • See section on pay and claim.

    All Bupa International claims are sent to:

    Bupa International, Russell House, Russell Mews, Brighton BN1 2NR, United Kingdom

    Policy holders should call the Bupa helpline to find out whether the treatment is included on the plan benefits.

    Some treatments must be pre-authorised by Bupa. See the section on pre-authorisation to find out which treatment should be pre-authorised.

    To make the claims process easier, you can ask your general practitioner to refer you to a Bupa recognized specialist or health care provider.

    For more information about Bupa Health Insurance Plans, or to receive a free Bupa Health Insurance Quote, please contact one of our dedicated advisers today.

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