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AXA-Minmetals is a growing health insurance joint venture between the AXA Group and the Minmetals Group, offering world wide care products.

AXA-MinmetalsAXA-Minmetals is a Chinese based joint venture of the AXA Group and the Minmetals Corporation. AXA-Minmetals was established in 1999 and has its headquarters in Shanghai. The company was the first Sino-French insurance company to have a presence in China, and was also the first insurance provider in the country to be licensed to sell life insurance products by the Chinese Insurance Regulatory Commission.

Committed to the philosophy of “Sustainable Development of China,” AXA-Minmetals has seen stable, yet constant, growth in the Chinese insurance market. This growth has furthered the aims of the organization in becoming a Preferred Company in China, and has seen the establishment of regional offices with which to better cover policyholders throughout the country. AXA-Minmetals now boasts office locations in Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing and is preparing to actively expand it’s regional presence by opening more local representative locations in the coming future.

Following the risk management culture established by AXA, AXA-Minmetals is committed to brand innovation and ensuring that policyholders are presented with the most comprehensive China insurance products available.

Offering customers a unique Financial Needs Analysis, in conjunction with specialty insurance products means that AXA-Minmetals will be able to provide you with the quality China health insurance products you deserve. For more information about AXA-Minmetals, to receive a free comprehensive world wide care quote, or to learn more about China Health Insurance, please contact one of our expert advisors today.

For more information about AXA-Minmetals, the world wide care insurance plans that they can provide, or to receive a free comprehensive quote, please contact our dedicated advisors today.

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