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Allianz Company History

Allianz has a company history of over 120 years. Founded in Germany, Allianz has grown into an international health and life insurance provider.

  • Allianz logo
    1890 Allianz was founded in 1890 in Berlin, Germany. The company originated as a transport and accident insurer.
    1893 Allianz expands internationally and opens an office in London, providing transport insurance to German customers with ownership abroad.
    Allianz opens offices in the US, the Netherlands, Scandinavia, Italy, Belgium, France and the Balkans.
    1914 Women work at Allianz for the first time
    1918 Allianz experiences affects of World War 1, great loss in staff and 20 percent reduction in premium income.
    1922 Allianz offers property insurance policies.
    1923 Allianz offers life insurance and creates Allianz Life through the joint venture of Deutsche Lebensversicherungsbank Arminia.
    1923 Allianz deisgns a new logo which displays three Allianz eagles, symbolizing its three subsidiaries.
    Allianz changes its name to Allianz Group.
    1926 Allianz introduced new data processing methods to record statistics, making the business more efficient and profitable.
    1929 Allianz merges with Germans second leading insurer FAVAG (Frankfurter-Versicherungs-AG) following a major scandal involving FAVAG.
    1932 Allianz creates a Materials Testing Centre, employing experts to investigate aspects of machine insurance through damage research and risk prevention.
    1933 -
    Allianz under National Socialism – during the war work culture, ethics and ideology is influenced by the political events that are occurring at this time.
    1945 At the end of war, Allianzs' assets are depleted, including franchises in over 20 countries. Work activities had ceased during bombing and staff shortages, premium income ceased and major loss through government bonds. In May 1945 Allianz is bankrupt.
    1949 Allianz moves its head office to Munich, Germany. The Soviet blockage of Berlin pushes Allianz to relocate. In the meantime, after World War II, Allianz is slowly regaining its business.
    1956 Electronic data processing is introduced and Allianz uses an IBM650, Europes first magnetic drum data processing machine.
    1958 Allianz introduces new advertising campaign creating the motto ‘Well Insured by Allianz’.
    1959 Allianz expands internationally and opens an office in Paris. Allianz acquires subsidiaries in Milan, Italy and Vienna, Austria.
    1962 Allianz premium income exceeds one billion, with 50 percent driven by motor insurance.
    1969 Allianz keeps up to date with modern technology, using ELIAS Streamline data processing products. All data processing is performed electronically and employee numbers are reduced due to efficiency of new methods.
    1973 Allianz and Allianz Life is Europe’s largest insurer and one of the top ten insurers worldwide. Industrial risk insurance business increases.
    1974 Allianz International Insurance Company is established in London.
    1977 Allianz refines its logo including a circle enclosing the Allianz eagle.
    1986 Allianz acquires Cornhill Insurance PLC London.
    1991 Allianz acquires US insurer Fireman's Fund
    1997 Allianz acquires France' Assurances Generales de France (AGF) a large insurer based in Paris. AGF provides industrial risk and loan insurance products in Europe, South America and Asia.
    1998 Allianz introduces asset management and banking services.
    1999 Allianz modernizes its logo to reflect the companies three main business areas: insurance, retirement provision and asset management.
    1999 Allianz expands into Asia by creating Allianz Dazhong Life Insurance Company in China and Allianz President General in Taiwan.
    2000 Allianz introduces Allianz Worldwide care, provider of international health insurance products.
    2001 Allianz acquires Dresdner Bank, a large German bank, creating Allianz Global Investors.
    2003 Allianz sells microinsurance products (protection for low income earners) to India and creates Bajaj Allianz.
    2005 Allianz funds a large stadium Allianz Arena, for two of Munich's soccer teams.
    2006 Allianz merged with RAS Holding S.p.A.
    Allianz changed its legal form to a European company, known as ‘Societas Europaea’ (SE).
    2008 Allianz SE sells Dresdner Bank to Commerzbank.
    Today Allianz SE is present in more than 70 countries with over 75 million customers worldwide. Allianz Group provides a comprehensive range of services in the areas of:

    • Property and Casualty Insurance
    • Life and Health Insurance
    • Asset Management and Banking

    For more information about Allianz Health Insurance Plans, or to receive a free Allianz Health Insurance Quote, please contact one of our dedicated advisers today.

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