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Channel Islands Health Insurance Plans

Allianz Channel Islands Health Insurance plans. Employee Health Insurance cover in Channel Islands, UK, and Europe. Get a free quote here now.

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  • Business international health insurance plans

    1. Select a Core Plan

    There is one level of core plan available:

    • Maximum coverage: GBP £1,200,000
    • Inpatient cover: private room, emergency, diagnostic tests, surgical operations, hospital accommodation, nursing care, dental emergency inpatient.
    • Inpatient cash benefit: if you receive treatment at a public hospital, a cash benefit will be awarded to you £135 per night, up to 99 nights
    • Outpatient cover: day surgery, home nursing (up to €2,500), diagnostic tests
    • Organ transplant (up to €10,000)
    • Psychiatric treatment
    • Cancer treatment
    • Palliative care (maximum 30 days)
    • Rehabilitation treatment (up to €2,000)
    • Parent accommodation if child (under 18 years) is in hospital
    • Ambulance: local
    • Emergency treatment outside of area of coverage (up to €10,000 maximum 42 days)
    • Medical evacuation
    • Ambulance transportation
    • Accompaniment (up to €3,000)
    • Repatriation of mortal remains (up to €10,000)

    2. Select additional coverage: outpatient or dental

    Outpatient Plans

    • There is one level of outpatient plan available:
    • Maximum coverage: no limit
    • Medical practitioner and prescription medicines
    • Specialist fees
    • Diagnostic tests
    • Vaccinations
    • Prescribed treatment:
    • prescribed by medical practitioner (limit up to £550)
    • prescribed by specialist (no limit)
    • chiropractic treatments (maximum 12 sessions)
    • osteopathy (maximum 12 sessions)
    • homeopathy
    • chirobody
    • acupuncture
    • Prescribed physiotherapy treatment
    • prescribed by medical practitioner (limit up to £275)
    • prescribed by specialist (full refund, maximum 10 sessions)
    • Psychiatric treatment
    • 10 month waiting period
    • Full refund, maximum 45 sessions
    • Optometry
    • Eye test (50 percent refund, up to £33)
    • Prescribed glasses and contact lens (50 percent refund, up to £165)

    Dental Plans

    • There is one level of dental plan available:
    • Maximum coverage £220
    • Dental treatment
    • 50 percent refund
    • Dental check up with X-rays, amalgam fillings and root canal treatment

    For more information about Allianz Lifeline health insurance plans, or to receive a free Health Insurance Quote, please contact one of our dedicated advisers today.

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