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Aetna Health Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited - Pacific Prime

Aetna provides comprehensive travel and health insurance policies to expatriates and locals in Thailand.

Aetna Thailand
Aetna Health Insurance (Thailand) Public Company Limited, a member of Aetna Group, specializes in offering comprehensive travel and health insurance policies to expats and local Thais. At the end of July 2017, Aetna Inc. announced its acquisition of Bupa Thailand. The recent acquisition combines Aetna's vast product portfolio together with Bupa Thailand's knowledge base to cater to the diverse needs of clients residing or visiting the region.

Through an extensive network of nationwide branches and hospitals, Aetna Thailand serves 3,000+ members and 2,000+ organizations. The health insurance provider principally offers the following insurance solutions in Thailand:

  • International health insurance
  • Travel insurance
  • Additional cover to complement employer-provided health insurance

Aetna Thailand's head office

98 Sathorn Square Office Tower, 14th-15th Floor,North Sathorn Road,Silom, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500
Tel: 0 2677 0000
Fax: 0 2230 6500

For more information about Aetna Thailand, or to receive a free Thailand health insurance quote, please contact us today.

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