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Aetna Global Benefits

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Goodhealth logoFounded in 1982 as 'Goodhealth', Aetna Global Benefits (AGB) is a specialist in providing quality international health cover to expatriates all over the world. AGB has regional offices in locations around the world including London, Dubai, Hong Kong, Miami, and Jakarta. This means that this insurance company is in a unique position to assist foreign nationals anywhere in the world. It also means that as a policyholder you can be assured that you will receive a comprehensive, personal and dedicated service.

Aetna Global Benefits understands what it means to be a modern expatriate, and the lifestyle that expatriates live on a day to day basis. As such, Aetna is constantly updating its products and looking for new innovations that will help to better serve its customers. With 13 offices throughout the world, AGB is committed to being there for their customers wherever they are. 

With over US $1.7 billion in annual premiums, Aetna Global Benefits is an extremely professional and competent company that has over 700 employees across the globe. By offering services that no other international insurance companies can, including a revolutionary online data bank that allows policyholders to seamlessly interface with hospitals and doctors all over the world, Aetna Global Benefits is committed to innovating and bettering the industry of international health cover.

AGB operates through several branch offices across the globe, rather than out of a single head office because Aetna Global Benefits is dedicated to being there for you in your time of need. Understanding different cultures and customs around the world enables the insurer to quickly interact with local authorities and healthcare facilities to facilitate any care that you may need.

Aetna Global Benefits is a true leader in the international health insurance industry.

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