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A+ International Healthcare


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A+ International Healthcare, founded as a partnership among medical insurance experts from Europe and Asia, provides first class international health insurance plans to globally mobile individuals, their families, international companies and organisations. Backed by AXA with years of combined experience and proven financial strength, A+ International Healthcare offers comprehensive worldwide, reliable and flexible healthcare plans. To ensure your health comes first, A+ International Healthcare and partners provide personalized 24/7 multilingual medical assistance wherever you are across the globe.

The major exclusive features of A+ International Healthcare plans include guaranteed renewability, chronic conditions coverage, congenital conditions coverage, AIDS / HIV coverage, no waiting period for complication of pregnancy, no entry or renewal age limit for group enrolment, and up to two years limit for claims reporting.

A+ International Healthcare offers a range of helpful tools, ranging from direct billing health cards, to online claim management platforms, online FAQs to online tutorials. A+ International Healthcare is dedicated to helping you and puts their knowledge, experience and expertise at your disposal.

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