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Alltrust Insurance

Alltrust Insurance

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Alltrust Insurance Company is a locally compliant insurance provider in China, with their headquarters in Shanghai. The company was formed and sponsored by a combination of industrial investment groups and large electricity conglomerates in 2004. Alltrust Insurance provides an array of different insurance products that can benefit individuals and businesses alike. In 2011 Alltrust partnered with Bupa International. This allows the insurer to provide you with quality healthcare coverage throughout the world.

Custom Corporate Insurance Plans

Coming from an industrial background, and having an inherent knowledge of a number of different business sectors, Alltrust is uniquely positioned to create custom tailored plans for all sorts of corporate entities. Whether you are an individual starting up a new small business, or you are looking to insure personnel at a large corporation, Alltrust has the capacity and capability to provide you with a customized solution that's perfect for your company.

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