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Bupa Global: International Health Insurance

Bupa Global offers quality international health insurance plans for expats seeking medical coverage in certain regions with options for worldwide coverage.

Bupa Global: International Health Insurance


Bupa Global offers private international medical insurance for individuals, families, groups, and businesses. Health Insurance plans available through Bupa Global depend on where you reside. The insurance company has a large direct billing network and lifetime renewal.

Bupa was established in 1947 and has 38 million customers across 190 countries. The health insurance provider maintains popularity because of its customer service and 24-hour medical help through Bupa’s Global Virtual Care.

Bupa Global is also well-loved by members because their plans don’t require specialist referrals, and members may seek second medical opinions.

Bupa also tries to have a supportive environment for its employees, winning awards in the UK for its inclusive employment practices.

Compare Bupa Global quotes to other providers to see what Bupa plans are available in your location.

  • Extensive Network of Providers
  • Direct Billing Options
  • 24/7 Medical Help via Global Virtual Care
  • Lifetime Renewal Options
  • 4 Plan Options
Plan Details

Bupa Global Medical Insurance for Expats and Travelers


Bupa Global currently offers medical insurance for expats in specific regions with options for worldwide coverage. Business or group health insurance plans are also available through Bupa Global. However, Bupa Global discontinued travel insurance options in 2021.

Bupa Global Coverage for Individuals and Families

Bupa Global plans for individuals and families range from only major medical expenses to more comprehensive plans to cover wellness exams. More comprehensive plans offer benefits like covering a limited number of young children at no additional cost.

Find and compare international insurance plans for individuals and families online.

Bupa Global Coverage for Businesses and Groups

Bupa Global offers medical insurance plans for employers and groups. Bupa Global serves small to medium-sized companies around the world. Premium insurance plans are available through this insurance provider for businesses located in the UK and UAE.

Specialist insurance plans are tailored to particular industries, and Bupa Global offers specialized plans for oil & gas, maritime shipping, maritime yachting, mining & exploration, and international schools.

For more information about corporate and group insurance plans, contact Pacific Prime.

Bupa Global Travel Insurance

Bupa Global discontinued travel insurance in July of 2021. If you still have an insurance claim to file from a previous Bupa Global travel insurance policy, consult Bupa’s International Travel Insurance Page to find which documents are needed and where to email claims.

Why Expats Choose Bupa Global Insurance Plans


Expats choose Bupa Global insurance plans to access the insurance provider’s excellent benefits:

  • Extensive network of providers
  • Direct billing options
  • 24-hour medical help through Global Virtual Care
  • Customized insurance plans
  • Lifetime renewal option
  • Direct access to specialists without referral
  • Second medical opinions
  • Coverage for two children under 10 at no additional cost (subject to underwriting)
  • In-hospital coverage for private rooms at good facilities
  • Online and in-app access to insurance information and support through MembersWorld

Bupa Global Network Providers and Hospitals

Bupa Global has an extensive network of providers and facilities for expats to access and receive medical care worldwide. Search for providers and hospitals using Bupa Global’s facilities search.

Bupa Global Individual Health Insurance Plans

Bupa Global’s specific plan availability depends on where you reside. Plans range from fundamental coverage to comprehensive wellness plans. Comprehensive plans offer more protection and have higher premiums to cover the cost of benefits.

On the other hand, basic coverage plans tend to have lower premiums and more exclusions.

Find and compare insurance plans and quotes for your location from Bupa Global and other international insurance providers.

Generally, basic coverage plans have lower annual benefit limits than more comprehensive plans. This table compares the annual benefit limits of some Bupa Global health plans for reference.

Annual Benefit Limits of Bupa Global Health Plans
Plan Annual Benefit Limit GBP Annual Benefit Limit USD
Major Medical £2,500,000 About $3,174,200
Select £1,250,000 About $1,587,100
Premier £1,875,000 About $2,380,600
Elite £3,750,000 About $4,761,300

Major Medical Global Health Plan

  • Annual limit up to USD $3,174,200
  • Designed for sudden unexpected emergencies and major medical expenses
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Annual deductible of USD $6,347

Here are some of the plans available from Bupa Global compared side-by-side. Remember, availability and specifics vary by location.

Bupa Global Health Plans Compared
  Private Hospital Room Coverage Medical Repatriation Coverage Medical Evacuation Coverage Outpatient Prescriptions
Major Medical Yes Yes Yes No
Select Yes No Yes Yes
Premier Yes No Yes Yes
Elite Yes Yes Yes Yes

Certain plans through Bupa Global have additional coverage after a waiting period. Coverage may include health checks, routine maternity coverage, and some dental & optical expenses.

Bupa Plans With Additional Coverage After Waiting Period
  Health Checks Maternity Dental & Optical
Major Medical Unavailable Unavailable Unavailable
Select Yes Unavailable Unavailable
Premier Yes Unavailable Yes
Elite Yes Yes Yes

Select Bupa Global Health Plan

  • Annual limit up to USD $1,587,100
  • Regional Coverage
  • Health screenings & Wellness check coverage

Accidental dental coverage is immediate, but routine dental cleanings and exams are only covered after a six-month waiting period. Wellness checks have a ten-month waiting period.

Major Medical Global Health Plan

Major Medical Global Health Plan through Bupa Global is designed to help expats worldwide by covering sudden unexpected emergencies and major medical expenses. This plan also covers medical evacuation and repatriation. Major Medical is not designed to cover wellness or routine appointments.

Major Medical Global Health Plan has an annual deductible of £5,000 (about USD $6,347), and there is no coverage until the deductible is met.

Select Global Health Plan

Select Global Health Plan through Bupa Global is a basic plan with regional coverage instead of worldwide. The plan offers coverage for health screenings and wellness checks after a ten-month waiting period, but it does not include maternity, dental, or optical coverage.

The Select Global Plan covers medical evacuation but not repatriation.

Premier Global Health Plan

The Premier Global Health Plan through Bupa Global covers health screenings and wellness checks after a ten-month waiting period. This plan also covers vaccinations, dental, and optical. The Premier coverage tier covers medical evacuation but not repatriation.

Premier Global Health Plan

  • Annual limit up to USD $2,380,600
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Vaccinations, dental, and optical coverage

Elite Global Health Plan

The Elite Global Health Plan is Bupa Global’s most comprehensive plan in many areas of the world. This plan covers medical evacuation, repatriation, and complementary therapies. After a waiting period, it also covers health checks, routine maternity care, dental, and optical.

Elite Global Health Plan

  • Annual limit up to USD $4,764,300
  • Most comprehensive coverage
  • Maternity care, dental, and optical coverage

Using a Broker to Buy Bupa Global Health Insurance


Expats can choose whether to purchase a Bupa Global health insurance plan directly through Bupa or through an insurance broker. Using a broker is the best choice. Brokers will not pressure you into selecting a plan from a specific company because they represent multiple insurance companies.

Insurance brokers offer clients free quotes and plan comparisons. Expats will also be able to ask questions to identify the best plan for their situation. All of a broker’s advice is free to the client because their services are covered by their insurance partners.

Contact Pacific Prime for help selecting the best international health insurance.

Bupa Global Services

Bupa offers customers online support through MembersWorld, accessible online or via the app. These modern services make finding support, finding providers, and accessing claims easy and convenient.

Bupa Global Online Portal

Bupa Global offers an online portal, Members World. Registered users with an account can log into MembersWorld online or in their app. Bupa Global members without an account can register online.

Bupa Global Customer Services

Bupa Global provides phone numbers for customer service depending on location. Select your country on Bupa Global’s website for the best contact number. You can also use MembersWorld to find assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions


Does Bupa Global offer travel insurance?

Bupa Global no longer offers travel insurance. The company stopped providing international travel insurance coverage on July 1, 2021.

Does Bupa offer coverage in the United States?

Bupa Global offers worldwide coverage including the United States on select health insurance plans. However, Bupa Global no longer offers travel insurance anywhere in the world.

What is the difference between Bupa and Bupa Global?

Bupa Global is a division of Bupa that specializes in international insurance plans for expats, their families, groups, and business employee health insurance. If you are looking for worldwide coverage, consider comparing Bupa Global plans.

Interested in a Bupa plan?

Our experts can provide you with a personalized quote based on your needs and requirements.

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