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Travel Insurance for GFNY Participants and Spectators

Secure comprehensive travel insurance plans via Pacific Prime, specifically designed to cover GFNY events.

Travel Insurance for GFNY Participants and Spectators

Worldwide Travel Insurance

Pacific Prime is an award-winning health insurance broker and the official travel insurance partner for GFNY events. 

With over two decades of experience in the insurance sector, along with a presence in all corners of the globe, we leverage our partnerships with leading insurers to help GFNY participants and spectators find the right travel insurance plan. We offer you coverage no matter where you live, and which GFNY race you travel to. 

Our proposed solution is the travel insurance plan from VUMI Travel VIP. Whether you’ll be taking part in the race or simply going along to watch, this comprehensive plan offers you the best possible worldwide coverage. Discover more about the plan below. 

Secure a travel insurance plan

The cost of the travel insurance plan from VUMI Travel VIP will depend on the duration of your trip, your country of residence, and the policy benefits you opt for. Please note that opting for non-medical benefits will also increase the cost of the travel insurance plan. The following table outlines the specifics of the VUMI Travel VIP plan:

  VUMI Travel VIP
Medical benefits
Hospitalization  100%
Outpatient treatment  100%
Prescribed medication  100%
Emergency dental treatment  USD $300
Psychological assistance for mugging and/or assault  USD $250
Medical evacuations   100%
Accommodation after an acute illness, injury, or serious accident  USD $300 per day, maximum of USD $6,000
Benefits for sports activities Non-motor: USD $500,000
Motor: USD $100,000 
Non-medical benefits (optional)
Personal accident - death and disability USD $100,000 
Property loss or theft  USD $2,000 
Baggage delay  USD $500 
Travel delay  USD $100 per day, maximum of USD $500 
Trip cancellation  Single trip: USD $2,500 per trip 
Annual trip:US$1,500 per trip 
Hospital daily benefit  USD $50 per day, maximum of USD $2,000 
Personal liability (bodily injury)  USD $100,000 
Personal liability (property damage) USD $100,000 


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If you would like clarification on the  VUMI Travel VIP plan, you are welcome to get in touch with us. Our advisors will explain the policy terms in detail and advise you on the best policy based on your needs.

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