Health Insurance Plans

Pacific Prime will work with you to find the best medical coverage plan for you and your family now, and for the years ahead. When living abroad it is essential to choose the right international health insurance plan for you and your family.

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Your Health Insurance

Pacific Prime works for you and finds the best medical coverage plan for both immediate needs and for the years ahead. We make things as simple as possible, and make sure you come away with the most suitable plan.

Individual Health Insurance

Read MoreIndividual Health Insurance

Key benefits of Individual cover that you need the most.

Family Health Insurance

Read MoreFamily Health Insurance

Secure your children with a cost effective health insurance plan.

Maternity Health Insurance

Read MoreMaternity Health Insurance

Understand the procedures of maternity insurance.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Read MorePre-Existing Conditions

Medical history regarding any pre-existing conditions

Short Term Health Insurance

Read MoreShort Term Health Insurance

Short Term plans for overseas travelers between 1 - 12 months.

Group Health Insurance

Read MoreGroup Health Insurance

Premium discounts on medical insurance for your group.

Teacher Health Insurance

Read MoreTeacher Health Insurance

Exceptional value providing advantages for teachers

Dental Health Insurance

Read MoreDental Health Insurance

See the benefits of including dental cover in your health insurance plan