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Health Insurance in Dubai & UAE | Medical Health Plans

Looking for health insurance in Dubai and the UAE? Pacific Prime’s guide on healthcare and public and private hospitals in the region is here to help.

United Arab Emirates & Dubai Health Insurance

Whether you’re looking for insurance coverage for yourself, your loved ones, or your company, our team of expert advisors at Pacific Prime can offer health insurance solutions that meet your needs. Pacific Prime is a leading insurance intermediary that specializes in providing medical insurance for expats around the world. 

We have created this guide to show you the differences between private and public healthcare in Dubai, covering the strengths and weaknesses of each system. Download the free PDF by clicking the button below.

State Healthcare

Standards of healthcare in the UAE are considered to be very high, with a comprehensive health service that is funded by the government and a rapidly evolving private healthcare sector that delivers excellent healthcare to the population. Healthcare is free for all UAE citizens and is regulated at both the Emirate and Federal level. Public healthcare services are provided by various regulatory authorities in the UAE.

Expatriates must take out private health insurance to receive a UAE residency visa. In Abu Dhabi and Dubai, mandatory health insurance must be provided by the company once the employee’s work visa is issued.

Tourism and Insurance

Tourists to the UAE are required to be covered by travel or health insurance. If you are not already covered with an international health insurance plan, you are required to purchase local health insurance to cover yourself for the duration of the stay. Aside from complying with UAE regulations, having insurance can help protect you against unforeseen events while you are in the area.

Traveling to the UAE

Expats and travelers who are planning to travel to the UAE are advised to purchase an international medical insurance policy beforehand. While UAE medical insurance prices depend on the type of policy you choose, having private health insurance can help you avoid out-of-pocket costs. Healthcare services in the UAE can be very expensive without insurance coverage. For example, a routine checkup with a private doctor in Dubai can cost USD $60, with extra charges for any tests required.

Insurance Solutions

Selecting the right health insurance in the UAE and Dubai can be a difficult task. Fortunately, Pacific Prime provides all the information you need to choose the right health insurance for your time in the area. Take a look at the different medical insurance solutions we offer on our health insurance page, such as hospitalization insurance and family health insurance, or use our plan comparison tool to compare health insurance in Dubai and the UAE from the top health insurance companies. If you’d like to talk to someone, our expert advisors are always available to help.

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