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Mozambique Health Insurance

Medical insurance for those living or working in Mozambique. Customized Mozambique health insurance plans and quotes available.

Mozambique Health Insurance 

After nearly 500 years of Portuguese colonial rule, Mozambique became fully independent in 1975 following a bloody conflict which led to successive large scale emigration, economic dependence on South Africa, severe food shortages and a civil war after the Portuguese had left. This greatly hindered Mozambique′s development until the mid 1990′s. The Marxism theory was formally abandoned by Mozambiquee′s ruling party in 1989 and a newly written constitution that took effect later that year provided for multi party elections and a free market economy. In late 2004 Mozambique under went a delicate transition as Joaquin Chissano stepped down from office after 18 years. His successor Armando Emilio Guebuza promised to continue the sound economic policies adopted by his predecessor which has lead to the rapid development of Mozambique. In recent years there have been major gains made to the Mozambique health system, however, the supply and infrastructure are no where near enough to cope with the demand of Mozambique public, let alone tourists who visit. Most tourists needing any major health treatment are sent to South Africa via air.

Health services in Mozambique are provided for by the "Ministerio de Saude" (commonly known as MISAU), translated ministry of health through hospitals, health centres and health posts. MISAU spends approximately $167,796,000 USD on funding its health system. This equates to approximately $9.00 USD per capita. Mozambique′ s current government sees health as a main priority, and will more likely subtract funds from other important sectors such as education and infrastructure before cutting funds from the health sector.

It is quite common in Mozambique that donors give funds to the government for specific health programs and infrastructure. This is carried out by either two ways, one being the Mozambique government setting out an initiative and looking for donors, mainly overseas aid programs. The alternative being donors will fund a project and ask the government to contribute to the project as well. For example the donor may construct a hospital and then ask the government to cover the recurrent costs, such as staffing costs and maintenance.

The current health financing policy is based on the principle that all Mozambicans should have access to quality care at an equitable price. The public sector is largely complemented by the private sector (mainly in larger cities) and NGOs. Mozambique has 3 main central hospitals located in the country which service citizens′ major medical needs, one in Maputo that services the southern region, one in Beira which services the central region and one in Nampula for the northern region. In addition to this there are a number of health centres, small rural hospitals and provincial hospitals, all of which only cover the most basic health needs.

Overall Mozambique has a fairly poor health system despite major gains made by it over the last decade. Lack of funding and prevalence of major infectious diseases continue to plague the country and until these key issues can be addressed Mozambique is a long way off modernizing their health system. The only way to avoid the issues and concerns of any healthcare system in the world is through a quality international health insurance plan. These plans give you the flexibility to go to the doctor or hospital of your choice, meaning that no matter where in the world you may be located, from Afghanistan to the United States of America, you will always be able to receive the highest standard of care available.

For more information about the Mozambican healthcare system, Mozambique expat health insurance, or to receive a free comprehensive international health insurance quote, please contact one of our dedicated advisers today.

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