Our retirement planning solutions

Pacific Prime offers holistic solutions to employee benefits, including the often overlooked Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF) in Hong Kong, to boost financial wellbeing in your workforce. Read on or view our retirement planning and MPF flyer to learn more.

Retirement planning simplified

Employers increasingly look toward the three pillars of holistic wellness, namely physical, mental, and financial wellness, in building a more resilient, financially-secure workforce. Our retirement benefits target one of these main pillars: financial wellness. Using a tailored, technology-first approach, we help our clients design the right retirement and MPF solutions that align with their goals, and offer support throughout the scheme administration process.

Our financial wellness services and offerings

Make MPF handling a breeze for your employees. Take advantage of our unique value-added services in your employee benefits journey:


Get advised on your legal and compliance matters. We review your retirement plan design and analyze your fund performance.


Find your best-fit MPF service provider. As an MPF intermediary, we also help with your plan implementation and account consolidation processes.


Stay on top of your program administration and facilitate smooth benefits communications. We schedule review meetings for you and support your HR team and employees.

Our other retirement planning solutions

Our other retirement planning solutions

Besides MPF, we believe in taking a multifaceted perspective when it comes to your employees’ financial wellness. Not only does this approach improve employee productivity and engagement, but it also decreases absenteeism and turnover.

So, encourage your workforce’s holistic growth by providing a range of options that address different areas:

  • Workshops on budgeting and debt management education
  • MPF top-up
  • Rental reimbursement scheme
  • Term-life & critical illness insurance
  • Conversion privilege*
  • Coverage for parents and pets

*Employees can purchase a plan from the same insurer if they leave their employer and have their pre-existing conditions covered

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