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Cost of Health Insurance - 2017

The third version of our annual report on the average cost of international private medical insurance. The 2017 version of the report includes average premiums in 100 countries along with an in-depth analysis of the primary drivers behind the cost of health insurance and a look at the 6 most intriguing findings from the data used to generate the report. 


International Private Medical Insurance Inflation - 2017

This report has been written to provide readers with an in-depth look into international private medical insurance (IPMI) inflation in 10 countries where IPMI is commonly sold. Utilizing actual premium data from 8 insurers, this report covers inflation between 2009 and 2016 and sheds light on the major factors driving this inflation.

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Corporate Brochure - 2017

Looking to learn more about how Pacific Prime can help your business secure a group medical insurance solution, or even help manage your benefits? Download our brochure today to find out.  

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Cost of Health Insurance 2016

Our annual report on the cost of health insurance. This version takes a look at the average cost of health insurance in 95 countries and also ranks countries by average cost. Perfect for providing a benchmark for group medical coverage.

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Medical Insurance Trends - 2016

Written to provide businesses and benefits managers with an inside look at what insurers believe to be the most important trends in the industry that are having an impact on group medical schemes.

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Medical Insurance Inflation - 2015

Our inaugural report looking into IPMI inflation in 2015. Designed to provide an overview of not only inflation of medical insurance premiums seen in 2015 but an explanation of the global factors driving it.  

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Cost of Health Insurance - 2015

Published in three separate sections, this report delves into the cost of health insurance in 2015. Starting with a ranking of average premiums in 94 countries, and moving onto the costs by region, this report has a wealth of historical premium information.

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