Prime Care Portal

A cloud-based HR platform to centrally manage your company employee benefits.

Employee Benefits Simplified

Spreadsheets are a thing of the past, and so are careless mistakes. The Prime Care Portal is cutting-edge employee benefits technology that captures real-time changes to employee data, making group insurance plans a breeze to manage. It excels at administering multiple global policies across business entities while ensuring that your organization meets all local requirements.

Member portal features include:

Multiple Insurers

Keep track of employees and their myriad of policies from local to international insurers and administer benefits seamlessly.

Multiple Jurisdictions / Countries

Meet every insurance compliance requirement with a single software no matter the country or jurisdiction.

Multiple Insurers

Keep track of employees and their myriad of policies from local to international insurers and administer benefits seamlessly.

Cascaded HR Access Rights

Get the PCP customized to your organizational structure, so that HRs access only information relevant to their positions.

Support From Employee Benefits Experts

Find contact details to your bespoke team of employee benefits experts and the latest policy information, alongside user guides on the portal.

Real-time Updates

View changes to census and premium data synchronously and in real time all on one centralized platform for easy management.

Real-time Invoice and Billing

Automatically calculate prorated adjustments for premiums. Generate invoice for billing and customizable reports in seconds.

Secure Data System

The PCP meets the highest industry standards when it comes to data security for safe and private document-sharing between teams.

HR Insights and Analysis

Extract actionable insights on your business entities, teams, and group policies with data.

Stay One Step Ahead With Dynamic Real-Time Census and Premium Updates

Get real-time synchronous updates and avoid risky errors on census and premium data changes. The PCP instantly processes and streamlines employee enrollments, terminations, title changes, internal transfers, and more, with a click of a button. It also facilitates the policy renewal process, so you can skip out on the cumbersome process.

Form filling is now smarter and quicker. The portal takes user experience into account and streamlines the enrollment process for new hires, so you only need to fill in one form for multiple policies. This significantly cuts down on your HR’s time and effort, leaving you room to focus on what’s important - your people.

Powerful Real-Time Reporting and Analysis at Your Fingertips

Ensure your employees have adequate medical coverage by keeping tabs on important policy details, such upcoming renewals, pending requests, and more on the PCP.

Pick your filters and extract detailed, customized, and segmented reports in minutes. Easily view and share the latest policy documents between teams on the PCP without resorting to lengthy email chains. Automate invoice and prorated adjustments for premiums in real time so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your organization.

Effortlessly Manage and Administer a Wide Range of Policies Across Entities, Jurisdictions, and Countries

One software, infinite possibilities. Take the hassle out of juggling numerous plans from different insurers and policy levels for your employees. For added complexity, organizations with employees across the world must also meet local labor insurance requirements.

Here’s where the PCP comes in. Our employee benefits technology is fully developed to work with multiple jurisdictions in Dubai, China, the US, the UK, and more. This means that you can easily meet local labor and visa requirements and store documents on the platform in your language with its multilingual capability.

Tailored HR and Total Benefits Software, Designed Exclusively for You

We tailor the PCP to your location and organizational structure. With permission-based, cascaded access rights, employees across offices, whether they are a HR Director or a junior HR team member, can safely and synchronously access private information relevant to their positions all on one platform.

Experience the Ultimate Ease and Efficiency With Our Intuitive Total Benefits Software

Made for businesses of all sizes and industries, our state-of-the-art employee benefits technology is intuitive and easy to use. It comes with OCR technology, which enables you to scan and upload employee identity documents, such as visa and passport, to the portal in seconds. What’s more, its capabilities extend to cover the management of a flexible benefits program with the welcomed integration of our CXA One Portal.

Most of our clients require little to no training for our user-friendly platform. So, rest assured that the PCP will enhance and speed up your business operations in no time.

Confidential, Accountable, and Secured

Your privacy is our priority. Track changes with a full audit trail and share end-to-end encrypted documents over Cloud on the best HR and benefit software. The PCP is developed to align with the latest international privacy protection standards including the GDPR, so you can rest assured that all confidential information is thoroughly protected.

Instantly download policy documents and share work files with your team members and the dedicated team at Pacific Prime with peace of mind.

Experience Best-in-Class Service

You are never on your own with Pacific Prime. We pride ourselves on our service model, so all key contact points to your bespoke team of experts are listed on the portal. This way, you can reach out to us any time. For quick solutions to insurance-related queries, you can also share the latest policy documents (tailored to your organization) with team members and across entities on the portal.

Got questions about the PCP? We offer complimentary on-site training to get your HR up to speed. User guides are also readily available on the platform, so you can refresh your memory anytime.

Why insurers love us

Our strong partnerships with insurers across the world give us the edge in helping you find the right benefit solutions.

Cigna Middle East -

Individual Broker of the Year Award 2023

A member of the prestigious

Worldwide Broker Network

Sukoon and Bupa Global -

Outstanding Achievement Award 2023

Our all-in-one HR and benefit portal allows you to:

Manage and administer group policies across entities, jurisdictions, and countries
Oversee plans from multiple insurers on one centralized platform
Cascaded HR access rights from global HR to local administration
Integrated with Pacific Prime’s CXA One Portal
Real-time updates on census and premium data
Real-time invoice and billing per division, business unit
Secure software with a full audit trail
Customizable reports
Policy renewal

Modernize your organization with employee benefits technology

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