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Schools all around the world depend on Pacific Prime to insure their employees and provide 3rd party liability coverage. Find how we support schools like yours and why we're the right insurance broker for you.

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How do we help schools?

If there’s one thing that Pacific Prime has learned as we have developed our knowledge and experience in providing and managing reliable school insurance solutions, it’s that, while each school is quite different, there are some important commonalities that they share that it pays to recognize.

School needs

Perhaps chief among these is that schools operate on a tight schedule with very specific industry-wide breaks occurring at certain times of the year across rather large geographic areas. Realizing this, Pacific Prime has developed a tight schedule for the entire renewals process that will work for any school.

We also recognize that people insured by a school's group medical plan don't need coverage for just themselves, but their families as well. Pacific Prime oftentimes ends up insuring three times as many lives as there are employees at a given school, so we do have options available that are geared towards insuring large groups that include spouses, children, and other dependents.

Additionally, schools have unique needs when it comes to the types of insurance they secure in order to protect their operation. We work with schools to identify your insurance needs and from there develop a customized school insurance solution that will see your business, students, teachers, and more covered.

Our solutions

Employee benefits

  • Supplementary health

  • Wellness

  • Dental

  • Life and long-term disability

Comprehensive solutions

  • International coverage options

  • Direct billing availability

  • Dedicated management team

Corporate level insurance

  • Property

  • Employer’s liability

  • Public liability

  • Group travel and accident

  • Director’s & officer’s indemnity

  • Business interruption

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How Pacific Prime works with schools

So, as an insurance broker, what can Pacific Prime do for your school? We take a unique approach to help schools identify, implement, and manage their various corporate insurance solutions.

Step 1 - Consultation

In the early stages of this approach our team of international school insurance experts carries out a thorough consultation aimed at gaining an understanding of your school's individual needs and culture.  

Step 2 - Plan design

From there, we utilize our vast market knowledge to design the right coverage solutions for your school. From health insurance plans for your teachers to a full suite of corporate insurance plans our team can develop a solution that works for you.

Step 3 - Insurer selection

Once we know this, we work with the various top insurers in the region to get a quote for the coverage you need and identify the best solution for your school.

Step 4 - Plan implementation

Finally, we make sure the plan is implemented properly and can help administer or manage the plans once they are. This ensures your school gets top value out of your coverage.

Ongoing support

Once your school has obtained coverage, our team will continue to support you with regular communication, claims assistance, member education and data analysis. This data will then be used to create annual benchmarks that will help you identify if you are getting the most out of your plan, as well as how much you can expect premiums to rise upon renewal. At renewal time, the team will also liaise with the insurance company to try to keep premiums down as effectively as possible.

Of course, that’s not all of the services that Pacific Prime provides. As a leading insurance broker, we also add value with an online portal customized for your school, a resource library where all relative documents and information can be obtained, and more.

Our success stories

Pacific Prime has established longstanding relationships with each and everyone of the schools we work with. We have been extremely successful in creating sustainable plans for every school, with all plans seeing below market rate increases nearly every year. In fact, of the five largest schools we work with, each school saw either an insurance premium reduction or hold in 2016.

This storied success has led to us providing insurance solutions to 50% of the top schools in Asia, and the fact that we have never been deselected as the broker for any of the international schools we manage. We are always happy to introduce prospective schools to our existing partners to verify our quality of service.

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