Reliable employee benefits for multinational companies

Pacific Prime can help ensure any multinational company's employee benefits are capable of supporting expansion abroad. With reliable plans that can be managed across boundaries, we are here to help ensure that your staff have the best benefits on the market.

Secure employee benefits for your MNC

How do we help multinational companies with their employee benefits?

As global employee benefits consultants we have the global knowledge and local experience to help multinational corporations expanding overseas from the US and UK find, secure, and manage robust employee benefits solutions.

These solutions are unique in that they can be tailored to cover more than an employee’s local territory. Because MNCs like your have highly mobile teams and multiple offices, an international solution is often makes the most sense. By utilizing our offices throughout Asia and the Middle East we can develop a compliant benefits solution that covers multiple offices, or provides international cover to globally mobile employees.

Our solutions

Employee benefits

  • Health

  • Wellness

  • Dental

  • Life and long-term disability

Comprehensive solutions

  • Multijurisdictional coverage options

  • Direct billing network establishment and management

  • Dedicated management team

Corporate insurance

  • Property and asset

  • Employer’s liability

  • Public liability

  • Group travel and accident

  • Director’s & officer’s indemnity

  • Business interruption

Pacific Prime has developed a unique set of solutions for multinational companies looking to expand overseas. We work with your company to identify your coverage needs in each new location and the appropriate employee benefits, or insurance, needed for that region.

Unlike other brokers or global employee benefits consultants, we have opened offices in strategic locations and developed our systems and solutions to be borderless while also ensuring they are compliant in local markets.

This eliminates the need for separate brokers/solutions in each country while fostering solutions that grow with your company and change to meet your needs as you enter new markets.

In order to support your growth and maintain quality solutions regardless of location, we assign a multifaceted team made up of members from our worldwide network of offices who work together to manage your solution at both a local and global level, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

This also ensures that any multinational company's employee benefits solution is the best for your company, your employees, and your own needs.

How Pacific Prime works with a multinational company's employee benefits

As a leading global employee benefits specialist, we have implemented a unique approach to ensure that any employee benefits and insurance solution is not only fully managed but also right for multinational corporations expanding overseas.

Step 1 - Consultation

We assign an experienced team of advisors who work with your company to identify and understand your company, coverage needs, and expansion goals.

Step 2 - Plan design

Our team leverages our local and global knowledge and experience to develop a unique solution that meets your needs in current and future markets.

Step 3 - Insurer selection

We identify the insurers with solutions available in your expansion locations and help to develop a solution that is not only compliant but also can be made available in multiple locations.

Step 4 - Plan implementation

We work with you to implement the plan. This includes preparing all documentation, conducting staff orientations, any necessary reviews, and also ongoing support.

Ongoing support

Our services do not stop once your plan has been implemented. We implement not only a dedicated team, but also a dedicated contact channel. Our team maintains contact on a regular basis to ensure that your coverage is working as desired, and works to solve any concerns or problems that come up. We also share data and benchmarks on a regular basis to ensure that you are kept up-to-date on the performance of your solution.

What’s more, our team also offers ongoing support via claims management, intranet portals, and more. If your employees need to see a doctor or submit/dispute a claim, our dedicated team are here to help run the process.

If you are looking to expand overseas, contact Pacific Prime today to learn about our employee benefits solutions for multinational companies.

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