We work with some of the top insurers and companies around the world

Through our unique “hands on” servicing model, Pacific Prime has developed deep partnerships with both the insurers and clients we work with resulting in us becoming one of the world’s largest international business insurance brokers.

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Insurers we work with

Pacific Prime's impartial nature means we are beholden to no single insurer. Rather, we strive to ensure that you are not only placed with a group insurance provider that is right for you, but are able to secure sustainable employee benefits.  


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Clients we manage

Pacific Prime has extensive experience in providing a full range of broker advice and services to over 2,000 corporate clients. With every relationship, we strive to develop a deep understanding of your objectives and work with you to implement a coherent strategy for short, medium, and long term success. The outcome of which enables you to offer competitive employee benefits that are sustainable over time.


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