About Pacific Prime’s
International School Survey Report 2021


Set against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, our report provides a cost-free gap analysis on insurance solutions obtained by international schools. Combining data from our survey and school insurance specialists' insights, the report paints a holistic picture of the sector's medical and non-medical benefits landscape, with special focus on:
  • The popularity of brokers and Tier 1 insurers among schools
  • The structure of medical insurance plans secured by different international schools
  • International schools' renewal strategies
  • The most popular types of Property & Casualty insurance coverage among schools
  • The RFP process and claims analysis trends
  • How schools in China are coping with the incoming Individual Income Tax (IIT) regulation

What are the top international school insurance trends in 2021?


Here is a brief overview of the cost-free gap analysis and international school insurance trends featured in our report:
What are the top international school insurance trends in 2021?
Most international schools secure insurance via a broker
The majority (83%) of schools secure insurance via a broker, while the remainder opt for insurers. Our report explores the many reasons why brokers are the preferred option among schools, one of the main ones being specialist brokers offer a wide range of value-added services (e.g. benefits communication, HR technology, impartial advice) at no extra cost versus going direct to an insurer.
A quarter of schools saw major changes to their claims profile over the past 12 months
Around a quarter of schools saw significant changes to their typical claims profile over the past 12 months. This change is mainly attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on members' healthcare behaviour.
Comprehensive medical benefits are the norm
Employee medical benefits secured by international schools are, generally speaking, of a high pedigree. The majority of schools surveyed cover pre-existing conditions, medical evacuation, second medical opinions, and international healthcare benefits. Download our report for an in-depth breakdown of the types of medical benefits secured by schools, and our insights on schools' cost-sharing strategies.
Public and school liability insurance are the most common types of Property & Casualty cover
More than 65% of schools have public and school liability insurance coverage. Download our report for a full percentage breakdown of Property & Casualty policies (e.g. cyber insurance, professional indemnity insurance) secured by international schools.
China's new IIT regulations
The incoming IIT regulations hold several implications for international schools operating in China, chief among them being increased employer obligations. Our report looks at the main ways international schools in China plan on managing this new change.

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