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Global Employee Benefits Trends Report 2024

The purpose of the Global Employee Benefits Trends report is twofold. first, to help business leaders and HR professionals make better employee benefits decisions by identifying key trends; second, to educate employees and curious readers about the sector.

About the report

What lies ahead for the employee benefits landscape is a perpetually-changing global economy where businesses encounter fresh obstacles on a yearly basis. This year, the main forces that are shaping the employee benefits industry include the increasing importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion principles; the rise of multidimensional health initiatives; the rapid development of automation tools and AI; and the outcome of remote work implementation—all of which will be discussed in our report.

After a brief overview of the five most important trends in employee benefits worldwide in 2024, readers can look forward to detailed sections on each trend.

What are the Key Global Employee Benefits Trends in 2024?

Our report begins with an overview of the most important trends, followed by case studies and implementation tips. Below is a sneak peek at some of the overarching themes that will be addressed:

The importance of tailoring the employee benefits package to each individual

Win the talent battle with strategic employee benefits. In a post-pandemic downturn, top performers are scarce. This report reveals how to attract and retain them through effective benefits.

In this section, we cover:

The importance of personalized benefits

The types of flexible benefits

5 strategies to maximize ROI through personalized benefits

The rising importance of wellness initiatives that are holistic, inclusive, and tailored to each individual

Foster holistic wellness in your organization. In 2024, employee benefits took a transformative turn with a focus on emotional, nutritional, and physical health. The GEBTR report offers actionable ideas to prioritize workplace wellness and attract talent.

In this section, we cover:

Employee benefits investment trends

5 strategies to prioritize employee wellness

The reasons why employee benefits are in line with DEI objectives

Break barriers and embrace equality. Despite strides in workplace equality, proper policy implementation falls short. This report uncovers actionable strategies to achieve your DEI objectives today. In this section, we cover:

In this section, we cover:

The importance of DEI in the modern workplace

The implementation of employee benefits programs to meet DEI objectives

3 strategies to align DEI goals with employee benefits

The ways in which AI will revolutionize the management of employee benefits

AI will revolutionize employee benefits. Harnessing data-driven insights, our report unveils the power and advantages of AI in shaping future strategies for enhanced employee satisfaction and benefits administration.

In this section, we cover:

The personalization of employee benefits through AI use

Data-driven strategies for employee benefits

Guidelines for utilizing AI to enhance the management of employee benefits

The evolution of the modern workplace away from traditional boundaries

Break free from boundaries with a digital workforce. Remote work tools have unleashed flexible schedules, seamless collaboration, and enhanced communication. Our report empowers employers to embrace the limitless possibilities of boundaryless workplaces in the digital era.

In this section, we cover:

The impact of return-to-office mandates

The transition towards boundaryless workplaces

Guidelines to effectively manage boundaryless workplace arrangements

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