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Pacific Prime offers a wide variety of group insurance and comprehensive, customized employee benefits plans from the top corporate insurance companies that can be tailored to meet the needs of each and every group.

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Employee benefits solutions

Pacific Prime strives to offer customized employee benefit plans and offers a full range of employee benefits and group insurance solutions which include:

Health Insurance

Being able to provide your employees with comprehensive health insurance that expands upon basic or mandatory insurance while meeting their coverage needs can help to attract and retain the best talent.

Pacific Prime can cover groups as small as 3-5 people with customizable worldwide benefits.


An increasingly popular benefit, wellness programs can be an integral way to not only bolster the health of your employees, but also their productivity.

Pacific Prime's advisors can design wellness packages on an insured or self-insured basis that will be of benefit to your employees.


Lifelong dental care plays an important part in keeping your employees happy and healthy. After all, it is often a winning smile that can help secure your next big client.

Pacific Prime's advisors can work with you to add adequate dental coverage to your company insurance plan.

Life and Long-term Disability Insurance

Ensuring that your employees and their families will be covered should something happen to them can go a long way in attracting and retaining the best talent.

Talk with Pacific Prime's advisors to learn how you can integrate Life and Long-term Disability coverage to your benefits plan.

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Customized employee benefit plans

If you are looking to implement the best employee benefits solution it is important to realize that there is no 'one size fits all' solution. To that end, we strive to offer customized employee benefits plans. These plans are designed to meet your company's unique coverage needs while also supporting your company well into the future.

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Comprehensive medical solutions

An efficient employee benefits package is comprised of many different solutions, but the cornerstone is comprehensive medical. From these plans, additional benefits and services can be added to create competitive benefits that attract and retain the best talent.  

In order to ensure that your business has the right solution, Pacific Prime works with all of the top corporate insurance companies in the industry, yet are beholden to none. This ensures that employees and dependents covered by your group insurance plan receive coverage that truly meets their needs.

We leverage our seven locations throughout Asia and the Middle East, along with our experience and relationships with insurers, to create quality comprehensive medical solutions that can be fully tailored to meet your and your employees' needs. Our plans offer:  

  • Varying Levels of Geographical Coverage

  • Access to International Hospitals

  • Inpatient / Outpatient / Dental / Maternity / Wellness Options

  • Bespoke Benefit Levels to match

  • Membership Demographics / Employee Designation

  • Direct Billing (cashless treatment)

  • A dedicated management team

  • Management and information portal that can be integrated into any intranet

Corporate insurance solutions

Pacific Prime doesn't just provide customized employee benefit plans. In fact, we fully believe that for an organization to be successful the right company insurance also needs to be in place.

Our team has in-depth knowledge of the specific challenges and solutions required by businesses and can help arrange the following types of coverage:


Your business and assets are essential to enable your team to deliver the services your clients rely on.

Pacific Prime can arrange comprehensive property insurance that sees your building and assets covered.

Employer's Liability

Accidents can happen at any time. Any accident could result in lost time, lawsuits, and even lost income.

We can help businesses find appropriate coverage to ensure your business is protected.

Public Liability

Any business that deals with the public needs to mitigate the risk of a lawsuit.

We can identify and help you to secure a plan that will see you covered for any eventuality, including lawsuits and more.

Group Travel and Accident

Travel delays, lost baggage, cancelled flights, and more can all result in lost income and frustration for your employees.

Avoid this by selecting a plan that will see your employees who travel covered for any travel related mishaps.

Director’s & Officer’s Indemnity

The directors of your company are integral to setting the direction and day-to-day operations of every successful business.

Ensure they are covered against legal fees and lawsuits with a comprehensive plan managed by Pacific Prime.

Business Interruption

Any interruption to your business could result in massive delays, angry customers, and ultimately lost sales.

Ensure your company is protected with business interruption insurance managed by Pacific Prime.

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