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Pacific Prime has developed and implemented tailored IT systems that allow us to deliver dependable corporate insurance solutions.

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We stand behind our tech

We fully believe that technology is an integral component to being able to offer and support tailored company insurance and benefits solutions. As such, we have always invested heavily in our IT systems with each being built in house to meet the needs of our clients. We do not buy “off the shelf” client management products.

Our existing solutions

Having our own in-house corporate insurance technology systems has allowed us to offer a consistent high quality service to clients securing corporate benefits. Some of the most integral systems we have built include:

Online Member and Client Portals

Online Member and Client Portals

Pacific Prime’s dedicated Member and Claims Portal can be embedded within any intranet, and acts as a central resource for enhancing communication on employee benefits.

Portal Features

  • Single platform for all employee benefits, procedures, and claims.

  • Contact information for all important stakeholders.

  • Enables a passive approach that re-directs members to preferred facilities, thus lowering claim costs.

  • Customizable to your specific requirements.

Census and premium management/accounting tools

Census and premium management/accounting tools

We have developed our own employee enrolment and termination tracking system called Census Premium list (CP list).

This specialist service has been designed to:

  • Help to administer additions and removals from your plan

  • Continually update membership

  • Confirm and reconfirm that invoices are correct

The single largest benefit of this system is that it drastically enhances transparency.

Client relationship management platform

Client relationship management platform

Designed by our IT team in Hong Kong, this robust client relationship management platform allows our teams to quickly and easily view and manage clients.

Many of our clients work in multiple countries, this system has been designed to be borderless with each of our offices accessing the same information. This ensures not only seamless management of your benefits but that key staff in different locations are able to work together to manage your solution.

Claims management

Claims management

Over our 17 year history, we have been able to forge strong relationships with major insurers. When it comes to claims, we have developed a tool that helps our team leverage these relationships to ensure smooth management of any claims your employees submit.

This system also helps us track problem claims that might need a bit more of a personal touch and can even highlight claim cases that could have an impact on your premiums. Our team can utilize this data during the renewal process to better manage premium increases.  

Document Management and email tracking

Document Management and email tracking

Sharing of documentation across multiple offices and countries can get complicated and messy. We have developed our own platform that enables sharing of documents throughout the company and another platform that tracks communication.  

This ensures that every team member assigned to work with you is up to date on the latest information and communication thus enabling the smooth management of your benefits and insurance.

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