Our approach to corporate and group insurance broking

Pacific Prime has developed the "Broker Framework", a unique approach to designing and managing group health plans and corporate insurance solutions.

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insurance broker framework

Pacific Prime's approach to designing and managing excellent insurance solutions is based on our unique Broker Framework developed throughout our 20+ years of experience. The three parts of the model work holistically together to ensure we can fully support and advise you on corporate insurance matters at all stages of your contract. Here’s how it works:



Planning the right group insurance plan requires a thorough consultation process that looks into your company’s requirements, needs, and objectives.

Policy Broking

Policy Broking

The right insurers and policies are selected for our clients to review through the most rigorous annual benchmarking process among brokers.

Plan Administration

Plan Administration

We offer continuous plan management with dedicated local support for claims, accounting, and benefits communication throughout the entire lifetime of your policy.

How our consulting approach works

As employee benefits consultants, we prioritize your needs every step of the way. This is why our consultative approach is integral to everything that we do. Our in-depth employee benefits consultation phase sets out to identify your company insurance needs, and consists of the following elements:

1 Market intelligence

Leveraging our market knowledge allows us to identify the most relevant and up-to-date employee benefits trends in your industry.

2 Industry knowledge

As part of our employee benefits consulting services, we employ our unparalleled insight on the world’s leading corporate insurance providers. This helps ensure you work with an insurer who is right for your business' needs.

3 Risk assessment

Our holistic approach to risk assessment ensures that all possible risks are identified and addressed with appropriate solutions for your business.

4 Legal and compliance

As part of our employee benefits consulting services, we use our multi-jurisdictional knowledge to our advantage in order to identify legal and compliance issues that will impact your business in different regions.

5 Global offices

Our global offices are cohesively integrated. We work as one company, and one team, to deliver a single global solution for companies operating in multiple countries.

6 Claims analysis

We employ a detailed claims analysis that aims to reveal your underlying claiming pattern, and identify an appropriate fair loss ratio for your business.  

7 Plan design

In this stage, we exercise our industry knowledge and information about your needs and requirements to design the right insurance solutions for your business.

Our policy broking approach

1 Insurer selection

The first step consists of shortlisting a few of the most suitable insurers who best fit our client’s requirements.

2 Request for proposal

Pacific Prime develops and presents the request for proposal (RFP) to insurers, which gives them a chance to deliver their best proposal.

3 Evaluation

At this stage, we evaluate the insurer’s proposals, including benefits, conditions, and policy terms to ensure stability and meet our client’s needs.

4 Negotiation

Next, we negotiate terms and premiums with your selected insurer(s) to ensure we deliver the best value for the money you pay.

5 Recommendations

We then provide you with an overall presentation of the best solutions, along with quotes for each recommendation and objective advice on the available options, so you can make the most informed company insurance decisions.

6 Plan implementation

Supporting your transition to a new insurer is another part of our policy broking process. It also includes employee orientation sessions, which ensures your staff are aware of what benefits and services your new plan offers.

7 Contracts

Pacific Prime will make sure that there are no surprises or unexpected problems to come from your insurance contract. Our advisors and client management teams will be available to you at any time to answer any policy-related questions.

Each step of our policy broking process is done to better inform you about your group insurance options. Pacific Prime’s expert advisors will use their expertise and knowledge to provide you with the best plans from many trusted global insurers. Here's how the policy broking process works:
Policy Broking

How we help corporate clients administer plans

As an employee benefits administrator, we provide ongoing plan management with dedicated local support for claims, accounting, and benefits communication throughout the lifetime of your policy.
Plan Administration

1 Coordination

We leverage our close relationships with insurers to ensure the smooth coordination of plan implementation and management.

2 Review meetings

We schedule regular meetings with clients to review plan performance, address any concerns, and ensure that every aspect of your plan is on the right track.

3 Census management

We consistently monitor and track plan modifications, such as staff enrollments and terminations, etc.

4 Accounting

Our accounting team offers assistance on reconciling and arranging all payments for customers and insurers alike.

5 Direct billing

We make access to care faster and easier for your staff by leveraging our direct billing networks with healthcare facilities in your country.

6 Employee claims assistance

We completely respect our clients’ privacy and need for confidentiality, and only assist with claims when we are requested to do so, either from the beginning or if escalation is needed, and always guarantee that all medical information remains private.

7 Communication

We offer a dedicated point of contact to handle communication with employees (on both an individual and group basis) on plan benefits and administrative procedures.

8 Claims communication to employees

An essential part of our claims handling process involves communicating claims procedures at the time of application so expectations are immediately clear.

9 Streamlined claims process

All of our insurers have developed streamlined claims handling dedicated to Pacific Prime. For instance, we promote the acceptance of scanned and emailed documents, and claims payment based on receipt without original claims forms. We also offer an exclusive claims pickup service, as well as online claims submission.


Technology is an integral component to fostering the above three points of our model. As such, we have always invested heavily in our IT systems, with each being built in-house to meet the diverse needs of our clients, including:

Census and premium management/accounting tools

Census and premium management/accounting tools

We have developed our own employee enrollment and termination tracking system - called the Census Premium list (CP list) - to enhance transparency. This specialist tool has been designed to:

  • Help administer additions and removals from your plan
  • Continually update memberships
  • Confirm and reconfirm that invoices are correct

Claims management

Claims management

Over the last 20 years, we have been able to forge strong relationships with major global insurers. When it comes to claims, we have developed a tool that helps our team leverage these relationships to ensure smooth management of any claims your employees submit.

This system also helps us track difficult claims that might need a bit more of a personal touch and can even highlight claim cases that could have an impact on your premiums. Our team can utilize this data during the renewal process to better manage and minimize premium increases for our clients.

Client relationship management platform

Client relationship management platform

Designed by our IT team in Hong Kong, this robust client relationship management platform allows our teams to quickly and easily view and manage clients.

As many of our clients work in multiple countries, this system has been designed to be borderless with each of our offices accessing the same information.

Document management and email tracking

Document management and email tracking

Sharing of documentation across multiple offices and countries can get complicated and messy. Therefore, we have developed our own platform that enables the sharing of documents throughout the company and another platform that specifically tracks communication.

This ensures that every team member assigned to work with you is up to date on the latest information and communication thus enabling the smooth management of your benefits and insurance.

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