Pacific Prime's approach to group health coverage

Pacific Prime has developed the "Broker Framework", a unique approach to group health coverage and corporate insurance solutions.

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Pacific Prime's Broker Framework

insurance broker framework

Our Broker Framework Model is an approach developed over 17 years to be consultative, competitive, and comprehensive. Creating a partnership is a key objective where communication and the sharing of data happen throughout the year, allowing our team to continually review your group insurance strategy for optimal performance.

The three parts of the model, Consulting, Policy Broking, and Plan Administration, work holistically together to ensure we can fully support and advise you on corporate insurance matters at all stages of your contract.


Planning and designing the right group medical coverage requires a thorough consultation process that understands your needs, requirements, and objectives over both a short and long term.

We’ll use our market intelligence, industry knowledge and understanding of local regulations to ensure you get the best deal at beginning and renewal ends of your contract.

Policy Broking

With the most rigorous annual benchmark process of any broker, the right insurance providers are engaged to ensure that the optimal overall insurance solutions are offered for your review.

We’ll work with you in advance of your renewal dates to ensure that your annual contract remarketing strategy allows you to address any concerns from the year, and take advantage of the competitive market.

Plan Administration

We also function as an employee benefits administrator. Our unrivalled administration of employee benefits includes dedicated and experienced client teams supported by advanced, bespoke IT solutions.

We become your one-stop contact point for almost all of your group health coverage matters, meaning you can switch group coverage providers and not have to change how you and your staff interact for claims and queries.

Designing employee benefit solutions

Every business is unique, the same can be said for your employee benefits needs. To that end, we do not rely on cookie cutter solutions, rather, we design solutions around your needs. Our advisors take the time to get to know your business's unique needs, culture, and operating environment and develop a plan just for you. To learn more about our approach to designing employee benefits, click below.

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Pacific Prime has 30 dedicated IT professionals delivering tech solutions for client health management, including:

  • An online client portal and smart device app

  • Census and premium management/accounting tools

  • A claims management tool

  • A document management platform

All systems are developed in-house to ensure we can adapt quickly to meet your ever changing needs.

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Additional services

Pacific Prime has partnered with other health providers in order to deliver fully comprehensive group medical coverage. This includes our partnership with the Health Concierge platform that gives your employees impartial, expert medical opinions on medical facilities and procedures, and to find relevant medical specialists. Contact us to see how we can help. 

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