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With offices spread across Asia and the Middle East, Pacific Prime offers global solutions in individual, family and group health insurance plans.

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Headquarters – Hong Kong

Pacific Prime's headquarters are located in Hong Kong. The hub of our company’s activities, our headquarters includes Sales and Renewals teams, as well as Claims and other administrative departments. Additionally, our Human Resources, Accounting, and Marketing staff predominantly are located in this office.

Hong Kong is a vibrant and dynamic city that is a great hub for any Asian business operations. The insurance market here is large and highly competitive, and being based here allows Pacific Prime to establish close relationships with major insurance companies that benefit our members by providing global solutions from internationally renowned insurance companies.


Pacific Prime’s Shanghai office represents our strong interests in the region. Here, a majority of sales leads are processed and assigned to whichever office or agent is most appropriate. Many of Pacific Prime’s largest group insurance plans in recent years have come through the Shanghai office.

China is a country with varied regulations and a constantly changing healthcare and insurance landscape. As such, our members in China need specialized and up-to-date advisement on both fronts. This is something that our Shanghai staff diligently provides on a daily basis.


Through our Beijing office, our staff can communicate clearly with all of our members in North China and beyond, ensuring that they are fully versed on the aspects of their existing insurance plans, whether they are individual or group insurance plans.

Pacific Prime established our Beijing office as a service office which strives to service all corporate clients in Northern China including Tianjing and Dalian. This ensures that businesses who have established offices in the nation's capital receive the highest level of service available.


Providing service in over 15 different languages, our Singapore office is well suited to offer global solutions to the extremely diverse market that can be found in the city-state and nearby nations. Recently, our Singapore office has grown by leaps and bounds, employing more staff in more roles, working with more insurers, and increasing the size of our individual and group insurance portfolios.


Dubai has been a hugely important office for Pacific Prime as of late. First, as our head office in the Middle Eastern region, the staff working in Dubai have an important role in providing global solutions to a large geographic area with many distinct cultures being present.

Next, the mandatory insurance laws enacted by some regions, including the emirates of Dubai and Abu Dhabi, have made our Dubai office extremely busy with handling sales inquiries alongside servicing the needs of our existing members. Fortunately, the size and scope of Pacific Prime’s global operations have allowed us to adapt to increasing demand without trouble; a claim that smaller intermediaries without our resources cannot make.

Pacific Prime Dubai is proud of the foothold it created for itself in the region, and looks forward to continue expanding in the Middle East in order to give people there the best international health insurance coverage possible.

Of course, as we continue to grow, Pacific Prime will look for more strategic locales to expand into. In this way we can allow more people to benefit from our years of experience providing global solutions in the International Health Insurance market, and more easily find the best possible individual, family, or group insurance for them.

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