Our Story

Like all great stories worth telling, this one begins in 1999 with Neil Raymond, who at the time saw an opportunity to simplify the process of insurance by helping clients understand and compare the different options in the market.

Unbeknown to him, what began as an idea to simplify insurance in Hong Kong, has developed into a global intermediary firm that has positively impacted the world of insurance and the worldwide community of individual and corporate clients.

Check out our interactive timeline below and learn about Pacific Prime’s successes and milestones over the last 20 years.

Celebrating 20 years of
simplifying insurance at Pacific Prime


Founded in 1999, Hong Kong - Neil Raymond set upon the path to simplifying insurance and providing solutions to expats like him living in the city.

Hong Kong - 1999

Pacific Prime Hong Kong

Hong Kong icon logo

Designated as the headquarters of the firm, Pacific Prime Hong Kong became our first office to operate in the Asia-Pacific region and remains at the forefront of all our intermediary services and operations.

Hong Kong Office Address


Established in 2003, Pacific Prime Shanghai became our first office to operate outside of Hong Kong and remains a strategic location for servicing individuals, families, and businesses in China.

Shanghai Office Address

Pacific Prime Shanghai

China Shanghai National flag icon logo

Pacific Prime Singapore

Singapore National flag icon logo

In 2006, Pacific Prime Singapore became our first office to open in Southeast Asia and caters to a whole host of expats, families, travelers, and businesses in the region.

Singapore Office Address


In 2009, we partnered with ‘Room to Read’ to help develop literacy and promote reading habits among primary aged children in low-income countries.

Room to Read Student

Room to Read

Room to Read logo

Pacific Prime United
Arab Emirates (UAE)

United Arab Emirates (UAE) National flag icon logo

In 2010, we expanded west to the Middle East and established an office in Dubai. This office remains an important center for serving expats, families, and businesses across the UAE and Middle East region.

United Arab Emirates Office Address

Unveiled in 2010, our in-house built quotation engine has allowed Pacific Prime to generate price comparison quotations for clients and much more!

Online Quotation Tool

Online Quotation Tool

Customer Relationship Management System

CRM system

In 2012, Pacific Prime launched its customer relationship management system to improve service quality for all customer-related inquiries.


In 2013, Pacific Prime established its ‘Scholarship Program’ to help talented and committed students reach their educational goals.

Pacific Prime Scholarship Program
Pacific Prime wins Bupa International’s Top Global Distributor 2013 Award

Pacific Prime Beijing

China Beijing National flag icon logo

In 2016, we established a second office in Beijing to help increase our reach to existing clients, and also meet the increasing demand from prospective expats, travelers, families, and multinational companies.

Beijing Office Address

Pacific Prime receives Bupa’s Innovative Excellence 2016 Award

Pacific Prime Thailand

Thailand National flag icon logo

In 2017, we opened an office in Bangkok, which has proven successful in providing support and impartial advice to tourists, expats, and businesses of all sizes and industries in the region.

Bangkok Office Address

Pacific Prime became a member of the WBN, which gave the intermediary access to a much wider network of leading brokers than ever before, and helps to support the firm's objective of providing client-centric solutions.

Worldwide Broker Network (WBN) logo

Pacific Prime joins the
Worldwide Broker Network (WBN)

Award icon

Pacific Prime received the
Top Individual Agency Award and Top Individual Sales Award at the NOW Health International and Best Doctors Insurance Convention

Pacific Prime received the Top Individual Agency Award and Top Individual Sales Award at the NOW Health International and Best Doctors Insurance Convention

Pacific Prime United Kingdom

United Kingdom (UK) National flag icon logo

Established in London, 2018, our presence in Europe means we have been able to extend our reach across various industries and sectors, while fulfilling our status as a compliant global insurance brokerage.

United Kingdom Office Address

Having acquired the proper licenses to operate in Florida, California, and New York, in 2018 our Los Angeles office became the first office to open in the USA.

United States of America (USA) Office Address

Pacific Prime
United States of America (USA)

United States of America (USA) National flag icon logo

Pacific Prime Mexico

Mexico National flag icon logo

In 2019, we established our first-ever Latin America office in New Mexico City, which allows us to bring our brokerage services closer to existing policyholders and prospective clients in the region.

Mexico Office Address

The AMII is a prestigious organization promoting excellence in the health and wellbeing landscape, and being an official member of the AMII cements Pacific Prime’s commitment to the UK’s health insurance market.

Award icon

Pacific Prime receives
Bupa Global’s Top Producer Award

Pacific Prime receives Bupa Global’s Top Producer Award

The addition of Neil Raymond to WBN’s board of directors lends almost two decades worth of insurance experience to the prestigious network of brokers, and allows Pacific Prime to further leverage the WBN’s network in the Asia-Pacific region including the other key regions around the world.

Worldwide Broker Network (WBN) logo

Pacific Prime’s Founder and CEO,
Neil Raymond, joins the Worldwide Broker Network (WBN) board

Pacific Prime receives Allianz’s Elevating Customer Experience With Technology 2019 Award
Pacific Prime UAE receives AXA’s Top Producer of 2019 Award
Award icon

Pacific Prime UAE receives
AXA’s Top Producer of 2019 Award

Pacific Prime China receives the “Best Contributor 2019 Award and “10th Anniversary Long-Term Cooperation 2019 Award”
Pacific Prime Dubai Receives Cigna’s Individual Broker of the Year 2019 Award

Pacific Prime launches its state-of-the-art employee benefits platform - Designed in-house to ensure companies can effectively manage their employee benefits programs in one easy-to-use central platform.

Prime Care Portal

Prime Care Portal


Pacific Prime Philippines

Philippines National flag icon logo

In 2020, we established an office in Cebu to expand our servicing and support capabilities for our regional and global offices worldwide.

Philippines Office Address

Pacific Prime Global Conference 2020

Reflecting on the past, present, and future of Pacific Prime’s fast-growing global family. Currently, the workforce stands at over 550 employees!

Pacific Prime Global Conference 2020
Worldwide Broker Network (WBN) logo

Pacific Prime acquires
CXA Group’s brokerage arms

Acquisition of the Hong Kong and Singapore brokerage arms of insurtech company CXA Group marks a key milestone for Pacific Prime, as we seek to solidify our foothold in the region, and bolster our technological capabilities.

CXA Group icon logo

Pacific Prime Indonesia

Indonesia National flag icon logo

Coming soon in 2021, our new office in Jakarta looks to strengthen our growing presence in the region, but also support the health insurance needs of expats, families, and businesses across Indonesia.

news and developments to come!

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