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We're a leading corporate insurance and global employee benefits specialist, with a knack for simplifying insurance. We're proud to be renowned for our excellence in providing and advising on corporate solutions to companies of all sizes and industries.

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Pacific Prime 20th Anniversary: Our Story

Discover our successes and achievements from the past 20 years!

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Our global operations

From our beginnings in Hong Kong over two decades ago, we've grown to become a world-leading group health insurance, employee benefits, and corporate insurance broker capable of advising any client; whatever their size, industry, or location. Our global operations span across Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Dubai, Bangkok, London, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Cebu.

By the numbers

With over two decades of experience as a global employee benefits specialist and group health insurance provider, we have successfully delivered solutions to 5,000+ companies and 250 school campuses.

20 Years Experiences 500 Staffs 500 Lives Covered 28+ Languages Spoken

Acquisition of CXA Group’s brokerage arms

CXA Group

Pacific Prime acquired CXA Group’s brokerage arms in 2021, as we continually seek to grow our presence and bolster our technological capabilities.

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Award iconAwards and recognition

Recognized in the insurance industry for our best-in-class offering, as well as unrivaled sales, customer service, and marketing excellence, we are proud to have received these accolades:

Aetna graced us with this award for the second year in a row. They recognize Pacific Prime for our outstanding performance and partnership within the individual market segment. In addition, we match Aetna’s gold standards in terms of insurance advice and professionalism.
AXA Gulf’s Employee Benefits Team recognizes our contribution to the substantial jump in the number of SME group business policies over the past 12 months. They hope to continue growing our businesses together as we provide an even better experience for our mutual clients.
Pacific Prime’s knowledge, professionalism, and dedication have supported Cigna Middle East’s sustained endeavors to innovate and tailor their offerings to deliver the highest quality of care to their customers.
Allianz cites our highly professional and experienced team taking the time to fully understand their products and proposition before providing exact matchups of these to fulfill prospective clients’ needs.
Aetna values and appreciates their partnership with Pacific Prime, and praises the level of professionalism shown from all of our team members - be it retention or new business.
Equipped with in-depth professional health insurance knowledge, Pacific Prime provided the best services to Cigna & CMB’s shared clients across multiple industries.
This award recognizes us for being the top producer in terms of AXA Gulf’s written premium and policy count. It also reflects our tremendous growth in becoming a key figure in the UAE market.
Pacific Prime and Allianz clients’ high levels of utilization of the new LiveDoc App is linked to us being the only intermediary awarded at this event.
Pacific Prime, with our wide global footprint and energetic team of expat insurance experts, has consistently been a top broker for Bupa Global throughout the past few years.
The awards recognize Pacific Prime’s impressive growth in the Asia Pacific region, as well as our fruitful partnership with NOW Health International for over 7 years. Together with Best Doctors Insurance, we have also been consistently delivering on our goal of “Simplifying Insurance” in emerging markets in Latin America.

Our corporate social responsibility

Pacific Prime not only advises on group health insurance and employee benefits solutions, but also endeavors to fulfill our corporate social responsibility by maintaining ongoing partnerships with charities, and by offering annual scholarship programs.

Room to Read Charity

Room to Read Charity

Pacific Prime shares a close partnership with Room to Read, a non-profit organization that believes "world change starts with educating children".

Our contributions have helped set up literacy programs in a number of Indian classrooms, as well as funded the construction of 8 schools across Laos, Sri Lanka, and Nepal over the past 9+ years.

Pacific Prime Scholarship Program

Pacific Prime Scholarship Program

One of our founding beliefs is that education is an essential part in the shaping of tomorrow's leaders.

First created in 2013, our annual Pacific Prime Scholarship Program offers USD $1,000 bursaries to exceptional students from all over the globe.

CSR Logo

Pacific Prime recognizes our responsibility to the environment, and we are committed to reducing unnecessary waste by implementing a “no disposable plastic waste” policy across our organization's staff canteens and client refreshments. In addition to this policy, we recycle all unused paper waste and adhere strictly to the waste classification regulations in each country.

A word from our CEO

CEO Quote

Neil Raymond

Pacific Prime founder and CEO


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