Our employee benefits and company insurance solutions

Pacific Prime helps businesses and groups find, secure, and manage comprehensive employee benefits and company insurance solutions.

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Group life and long-term disability

Employee benefits

Tailor your employee benefits package with best-in-class solutions from the world's leading insurance providers.

Group life and long-term disability

Help your employees establish a financial safety net for themselves and their families.

Corporate insurance

Let our property and casualty team help identify your risk exposures, and the solutions needed to minimize them.

Benefits administration portal

The Prime Care Portal, our state-of-the-art portal system, streamlines the entire benefits administration process of group policies.

Our employee benefits solutions

Group health insurance


Comprehensive group health insurance is the cornerstone of any successful employee benefits package.


Our bespoke group health insurance solutions for employees feature:

  • Inpatient / Outpatient / Dental / Maternity / Newborn / Wellness / Vision options
  • Direct billing available
  • Varying levels of geographic coverage
  • An employee benefits administration platform that can be integrated into any intranet
  • Access to international hospitals
  • A dedicated client management team
  • Benefits orientation and communication


Wellness programs and packages


Wellness programs and packages are an increasingly popular employee benefits offering. They can be an integral way to not only boost your employees' mental, physical, and spiritual health, but also bolster their productivity.


Wellness plans can feature a wide range of benefits, such as access to Employee Assistance Programs, counselling, health screenings, health seminars, company sports events, smoking cessation programs, and many more.


Our corporate advisors can design customized wellness packages on an insured or self-insured basis.

Flexible benefits plans


As today's modern workforce becomes increasingly diverse, the ability to choose from a range of employee benefits perks is highly desirable.


Our corporate team can work with you to design, implement, and manage bespoke and flexible benefits solutions, so your staff can have the freedom to choose the perks that best fit their needs.

Our group life and long-term disability insurance

Group health insurance

Offering the right group life insurance ensures that no matter what happens to your employees, they will have a safety net. Help provide financial security for your employees and their loved ones with comprehensive group life insurance.

Our group life insurance plans feature a vast array of options and add-ons to include coverage for accidental death and dismemberment, as well as critical illness and disabilities.

This allows you to create the most optimal group life coverage combination that takes into account your company's budget and employees' needs.

Short- and long-term disability

As an important component of any employee benefits package, disability insurance offers employees protection in the event that he/she is unable to go to work due to a serious illness or injury.

There are two main types of disability insurance:

Short-term disability insurance addresses a short disruption in the employee's ability to work.

Long-term disability insurance is designed to pay out for a longer period in situations where employees suffer an illness/injury requiring

Our corporate insurance solutions

Property insurance

Your business and its assets are essential to enable your staff to deliver the services your clients rely on.

With property insurance from Pacific Prime, you can ensure the best protection for your business' buildings and the contents within it against unforeseen damage.

Worker's compensation and employer's liability insurance

No matter the size of your business, it only takes one injury to interrupt your entire business' operations.

Worker's compensation and employer's liability insurance offers protection to employers who may be held financially or legally liable for bodily injury, illness.

Director and Officers' liability insurance

Being a Director or Officer can leave you vulnerable to potential allegations of wrongdoing or misconduct.

Director and Offcers' liability protects Directors and Officers against claims which may arise in the course of doing their duties.

Group travel and accident insurance

Accidents can happen at any time, both inside and outside of work.

Our group travel and accident policies can be tailored to include superior benefits for travel and accident-related mishaps on a worldwide basis.

Public liability insurance

Incidents which could eventuate in a public liability claim against your business can range far and wide.

We can help you identify and secure a public liability insurance plan that offers broad protection against liability claims.

Business interruption insurance

Unexpected disasters and mishaps can lead to a large loss of income for businesses, among other inconveniences.

Protect your company by obtaining a business interruption plan that offers protection against financial loss caused by unforeseen events.

Professional indemnity insurance

No matter how long your company has been operating for, errors can still occur during the course of its daily operations.

The right professional indemnity insurance will protect your business against claims from clients arising from failure of the employee to carry out their duties adequately.

Cyber insurance

Companies of all sizes can be affected by a wide range of cyber threats.

To safeguard your business from potential cyber-related losses, it is essential to have cyber insurance protection in place with benefits for extortion, forensics, and notification costs to clients following a breach.

Erection/construction insurance

Construction sites face a myriad of risks that can cripple the budget of any project.

Erection/construction insurance is therefore a necessity for protection against lost or damaged property during construction and contract work.

Machinery breakdown insurance

Lost or damaged machinery and equipment can jeopardize your business' ability to carry out its daily operations.

Machinery breakdown insurance ensures that your business is protected from the costs of lost or damaged machinery and equipment.

Our benefits administration Portal

The Prime Care Portal is a state-of-the-art web platform created by our in-house IT team to simplify the entire employee benefits administration process.

Able to accommodate just about any group health insurance scheme, the Prime Care Portal saves HR teams time, money, and stress by enabling them to speedily, safely, and securely keep track of all benefits usage and claims history.

Available to all of our corporate clients at no extra cost, the Prime Care Portal allows users to:

  • Maintain and update member details
  • Manage member movement between offices
  • Keep track of and identify new hires/departures
  • Create subgroups for companies with multiple locations
  • Curate customized reports in minutes
  • Manage multiple policies from diferent insurers
  • Organize and distribute policy documents
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