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Determine what your actual needs for health insurance are

Before you compare health insurance, it’s important to determine your healthcare and health insurance needs. For example, if you have a pre-existing condition (e.g. diabetes), you may want to search for an insurer that would agree to cover treatment for the condition. However, do take note that for pre-existing plans, most insurers will charge an additional premium or attach a waiting period on pre-existing condition coverage.

Or perhaps you are moving to another country with your family and require health insurance that features comprehensive outpatient insurance benefits (e.g. GP visits to a family doctor). If you have a preferred family doctor in the country you're moving to, you’ll likely want to double-check that the policy you are intending on buying covers treatment with that particular clinic or hospital.

Another point to keep in mind is that health insurance benefits vary depending on what you are looking for. Always ask yourself what benefits you would like to include in your plan.

Reflecting on our years of experience, our clients tend to want the following:

If you are unsure about what your medical requirements are, our experts are all ears. By contacting them, they will help you pick a plan that specifically matches the needs.

How to compare health insurance

Once you have determined what to include in your health plan, you’ll be able to get some quotes using Pacific Prime’s in-house comparison tool (see below). The process is quick and simple with a click of the button below.

Pacific Prime’s in-house comparison tool

With Pacific Prime’s in-house comparison tool, you can access quotes from over 200 countries, review countless international and local insurers, and choose your desired options to ensure you get the right coverage. By providing some basic information such as the country of cover, length of cover, types of coverage, age, and gender, you’ll be given a list of quotes that suit your requirements. If you want to save the quotes, you can easily create an account to log back in later and retrieve your search results.

What to consider when comparing health insurance

When comparing plans, it is worth considering the following factors:


Pacific Prime can help tailor your health plan so it includes only the benefits that you want to pay for. This will help reduce the cost of your premium and ensure you get what you need from your medical plan.


When comparing medical insurance, people often overlook the finer details of their coverage. The surface-level benefit details may seem important enough, but you should consider other less noticeable things like:

  • Plan flexibility - This could refer to how easy it is to add a dependent on your plan or an important coverage benefit like maternity insurance.
  • Provider network - If you and your family are living in a foreign country and need to see a specialist doctor, going to a hospital that is part of your insurer's network of providers is recommended. You may find services like direct billing there, which means the hospital or clinic can easily and promptly bill your insurer.
  • Area of coverage - It is worth checking whether the medical insurance plan covers you only locally or internationally as well. If you travel often, whether that’s for leisure or business, the latter may represent better value for your needs.


When comparing health insurance, you should consider whether the plan offers guaranteed renewability. Some local plans tend to be renewable upon “mutual agreement”, meaning that the insurer has the right to refuse to renew your coverage as a result of either expensive claims or pre-existing conditions that have developed during your period policy. In contrast, international health plans tend to be “lifetime renewable”, and are considered more of a long-term insurance solution than their local counterparts.

Compare health insurance with Pacific Prime

With over two decades of experience advising individuals, families, travelers, and corporate clients across the globe, our professional advisors are on hand to help you compare health insurance plans from reputed insurers. 

Benefits of using Pacific Prime as a broker

The advantage of using Pacific Prime is that we offer a vast array of additional services at no extra cost versus going directly to the insurer. These include:

  • Hospital info and recommendation
  • Administration assistance
  • Insurer liaison
  • Claims and renewal negotiations
  • Claims support
  • Impartial advice
  • Plan comparison and analysis
  • And much more

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