Cost of International Health Insurance – 2018

Average cost of international health insurance in Europe

Taking into account the average premiums of 25 countries in Europe, the average cost of international health insurance in 2018 is spread out between USD 8,786 in the UK and USD 6,585 in Romania, Croatia, and Slovakia. This means there's a difference of USD 2,201 between the most and least costly countries for health insurance in Europe, and thus indicates that average premiums are quite widespread in the region.

When compared to all of the 100 countries featured in the report, those belonging to this continent are ranked from between 10th and 75th. As can be expected, popular expat destinations like UK, Russia, Switzerland, and Greece generally have higher premiums. Unsurprisingly, the UK again has the highest average cost of health insurance in Europe. Despite being the most expensive country in the region, the UK's average premium actually dropped slightly this year - from USD 9,467 in 2017 to USD 8,786 in 2018.

One standout point to note here is Greece's drop in ranking from second most expensive in 2017 to fourth most expensive in 2018 - the country's average premium actually decreased fairly significantly, from USD 8,776 last year to USD 8,035 this year.

The reasons why this has occurred is manifold. For one, some of the insurers included in this report have lowered their premiums in a number of locations. Another point worth noting here is the slight decrease in Greece's gross medical trend rate - from 2.9 in 2017 to an expected trend rate of 2.5 in 2018.