Cost of International Health Insurance – 2018

Average cost of international health insurance in the Americas

The Americas has emerged as a prominent region in this year's ranking of the top 20 most expensive countries globally, which you can view in the Ranking section of our online report. More specifically, half of all countries listed in our report's top 20 most expensive locations table are from the Americas.

Taking into account the overall premiums of 15 countries in the Americas, the average cost of international health insurance in 2018 spans from between USD 23,120 in the US and USD 8,057 in Dominican Republic. The difference between the most expensive and least costly location in the Americas is a whopping USD 15,063! This shows that average premiums are very widespread in the region.

As with each previous edition of our report, the US again ranks as the most costly country both in the Americas and globally for international health insurance. The main reasons for this include a particularly high prevalence of chronic diseases in the region, high prices for medicine and healthcare technology, and disparate pricing for medical treatment.

Another standout finding is that many of the countries featured in our graph above - e.g. Argentina, Grenada, Bolivia, and Panama - share the same premium. This is because insurers commonly group similar countries together when underwriting plans.