Cost of International Health Insurance – 2016

The top 20 most expensive and 5 least expensive locations

Taking into account the cost of all three types of plans for each demographic, the average cost of international private health insurance in 2016 is spread out from between USD 17,335 and USD 7,608, with the USA unsurprisingly taking top spot as the most expensive country.

2016’s USA rates are on average, 32% higher than Hong Kong, which came in as the second most expensive location with an average cost of USD 11,780, or 68% of those in the USA. Excluding the USA, plans cover a much narrower spread of USD 11,780 in Hong Kong to USD 7,608 in Mali, a difference of 35.4%.

When compared with figures from 2015’s report, there are a number of interesting changes to be seen. Firstly, the decrease in the range of costs between countries this year - plans ranged from USD 21,892 to USD 6,687 in 2015 vs USD 17,335 to USD 7,608 in 2016. Secondly, there were a number of changes in the average ranking of countries including:

  • Canada’s replacement of Israel as one of the top four most expensive countries.
  • The emergence of South American plans into the top 20 most expensive.
  • The relatively large increase in rank in Dubai.
  • Japan breaking into the top 20.

And finally, the overall decrease in the average cost of insurance in the USA, where the report has found that premiums dropped from USD 21,892 to this year’s average. There are a number of factors driving these three major findings which we detail in the Analysis section of this report.