Cost of International Health Insurance – 2016

Report Background

This year’s report presents figures from the top 10 insurers in the industry, who together total approximately 70% of the total number of plans sold worldwide, including:

We have also adjusted the demographics included in this year’s report in order to more accurately reflect the average ages of our clients and their families:

  • Singles - 36 year old Male.
  • Couples - 36 year old Male and 35 year old Female.
  • Families - 36 year old Male and 35 year old Female + two children aged 5 and 10.
  • Retirees - 60 year old Male

For each of these demographics we have aggregated prices for three types of plans from each provider where possible. Note: Some locations e.g., Dubai, require all plans sold to have maternity coverage, while in other locations some providers may not offer inpatient only plans.

  • Inpatient coverage only
  • Inpatient + outpatient coverage
  • Inpatient + outpatient + maternity coverage

To make the report more digestible, we have broken the information up into two separate parts. The first part presents a ranking of the top 20 and bottom 5 most expensive countries for individual health insurance based on the average overall cost, the average cost for each of the four demographics, and an in-depth analysis into the drivers behind the major changes of the past year.

The second part of this report provides an overview of the average prices on a regional level and is available in the regional comparison section of the Cost of Health Insurance Report website.