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The Best Health Apps for Travelers

Traveling to the far corners of the globe is becoming more and more common, and more and more safe, thanks to immunizations, bottled water, and the availability of information through guidebooks and the internet. However, medical issues abroad do still arise – a poorly washed fork can lead to food poisoning; airplane travel increases the risk of blood clot; and one wrong step during a hillside trek may mean a sprain or broken bone.

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Luckily, resources such as traveler’s insurance, first aid kits and medical facilities abroad mean that the average traveler will rarely experience a serious medical situation. To increase safety and preparedness even more, consider getting an app to aid you in your journey.

My Medical

The My Medical app stores your medical records and emergency contact information right on your mobile phone; guaranteeing access to these important details in case an accident or injury occurs. Information such as allergies, current medications and former surgeries and illness can aid a new doctor abroad working to treat you for the very first time. This medical information can be added to the My Medical app either by mobile phone or online. One app can be shared by multiple people, making it a great option for groups of travelers in which not everyone has a smart phone.

TravelSafe Pro

This app offers access to emergency numbers in countries around the world, helping travelers to quickly get in touch with the police, the fire department, or medical services. TravelSafe Pro does not need an internet connection to function, making it a simple and yet extraordinarily useful app when visiting another country.

JetLag Genie

Jet lag is a very real health hazard; especially for those who travel frequently. Missing out on a good night’s sleep can affect mood, and cause the brain and body to be less aware of their surroundings, and therefore more likely to suffer an accident. To stay as alert as possible when traveling, or at least to understand more about regulating your sleep cycles, JetLag Genie lets you input your flight and travel information into the app to create a customized plan for getting over jet lag. The app will tell you the best time to go to sleep and wake up before and during your trip, as well as offer advice and alarms for taking naps and melatonin supplements.

Glucose Buddy

To keep travelers with diabetes vigilant about their blood sugar levels while abroad, the app Glucose Buddy provides an easy way to monitor daily glucose readings, track medication and food, adjust traveling habits as needed to keep diabetes from becoming a holiday hindrance.


Created by insurance providers HTH Worldwide, mPassport helps travelers access information about medical procedures and personnel when abroad. mPassport offers listings of local doctors and their specializations, letting app users view the medical credentials of these professionals. For travelers looking to fill a prescription, mPassport can give the locations of reliable pharmacies, along with maps to help find these establishments. Because a language barrier can at times be a detriment to travelers seeking medical treatment or advice, mPassport provides an accurate and reliable medical translation dictionary.


A serious sunburn has serious consequences – nausea, headache and fatigue, and blisters and swelling that can lead to an infection. To avoid a sunburn while traveling, sunscreen is a must, and the app Sunblock may come in use, too. Sunblock helps determine your skin type, and uses GPS data to find the UV forecast in whichever location you are currently traveling. With this information, along with knowledge of altitude and weather, Sunblock will calculate the SPF of sunscreen you ought to use, and how often it should be reapplied. Sunblock will also readjust its recommendations throughout the day, to take into account changes in the sun’s position and current UV index.

Travel Health Guide

With access to a plethora of health and illness information, Travel Health Guide is an adventurers one-stop app for checking symptoms, identifying rashes, and deciding if a visit to the doctor is necessary. Because the app is made for travelers, the Travel Health Guide includes the kind of data that people in a foreign country might find themselves in need of – health problems that can occur in very hot or very cold climates; ways to handle a heart problem if a doctor is not nearby; and a range of information and tips having to do with all sorts of stomach distress.

Google Translate

Google’s translation service online is perennial favorite of foreign language students, and the app can prove immensely useful to travelers as well. Having a translation app can help an adventurer abroad to communicate in a pharmacy or doctor’s office; with Google Translate, you can explain symptoms and allergies, or ask for a particular treatment or product. This app may prove useful in eating situations as well; helping a traveler to explain dietary needs or avoid drinks made with unfiltered ice.

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