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The Benefits of Natural Tea

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There are a surprising amount of benefits to drinking natural tea on a regular basis, especially if it’s a specific type of herb or spice. Most, if not all, the ingredients in herbal teas are natural and can work wonders for your body. It can be beneficial to drink different types of natural teas as they can improve minor medical problems, while drinking them for taste. There are many types of herb and spice teas to choose from, but which is the best one for you? We’ve scoured the web to find out the advantages to drinking natural teas, as well as their healing properties.

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Chamomile is one of the most popular herbs and used around the globe in many cultures. Chamomile is actually made from flowers and had sedative-like properties. One of the effects that this herb is famous for is calming people and relieving stress. In addition to that, it’s recommended to have a cup of chamomile tea before you go to sleep as it helps relax the body and mind, so you can fall asleep naturally. If you suffer from digestion problems after eating, then this natural tea can also help improve digestion and bloating. If you’re highly strung, have indigestion on a regular basis or have battled with insomnia, then this is the tea for you!

Green tea has multiple healing properties and is another popular herbal tea. It’s perfect for replacing your coffee in the morning as it can lower cancer risk and contains potent antioxidants. If you have high blood pressure or have been told to watch your cholesterol levels, then green tea is perfect for keeping those levels down. It’s known for reducing the risk of tumors and promoting a healthy heart. In addition to that, it has been known to help fight and prevent tooth decay, so if you’ve got a severe sweet tooth, then consider using green tea in your daily diet as it will not only fight decay, but will also give you other healthy benefits too.

Peppermint tea is one of the easiest herbs to grow. If you’ve got green fingers, then you may want to have a go at growing and farming this tea for yourself! One of the major benefits to this herb is that it can relieve many symptoms relating to the digestive system, which includes abdominal gas, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome and aids digestion. This herb can also be great in assisting with muscle aches, spasms and chronic pain. It’s a very fragrant herb (as you can tell by the name) and can help in keeping your breath smelling fresh. If you have bad nerves or suffer from motion sickness and feel nauseous from time to time, then try a cup of peppermint tea as it’s know for helping to settle stomachs.

Ginger is one of the most commonly used spices and widely known in helping with seasickness, and it’s true! It can be used to prevent nausea, stomach upset or even vomiting. Even if you’re not on a boat, it can help cure motion sickness, even if it’s a short car journey. Ginger is also a great spice to use when making natural tea and can also assist with fighting off a cold when combined with lemon juice. It’s possible to create tea from using powdered ginger too, so it’s a fantastic spice to experiment with and powdered ginger can help ward off a chill.

Jasmine comes with an array of healthy advantages and drinking it on a regular basis can help combat weight issues as it promotes weight loss. Not only that, it also can reduce fat and cholesterol absorption, so if you’re concerned about your cholesterol, then this is a great tea for you. Aside from weight loss, this herb contains powerful antioxidants and can have a calming effect on people. This herb is similar to green tea in that it can help to prevent tooth decay and cancer.

Echinacea is native to North America and has been used to help with healing for many years. It’s known for treating infections, as well as being used for other ailments. If you have a weak immune system during cold and flu season, then it’s a good idea to drink plenty of Echinacea as it can reduce occurrences of the common cold along with symptoms such as temperature and sore throat. Echinacea is also known in speeding up the healing process when fighting off a cold, so make sure you drink plenty of this tea in the cold months!

Last but not least, milk thistle and dandelion. We wanted to include this tea, because it’s a cleanser. So, if you’re looking to use a tea to detox and clear out your system, then these herbs combined are best. They are known for being gentle liver cleansers and can assist with regeneration and function of your liver. Dandelion is actually recommended for many ailments including liver problems, stomach upset and kidney disease. Milk Thistle is favored as a natural healing property to treat liver disease and protect the liver. This is why these two plants combined are used as a cleanser, and is especially popular in detox teas.

You can never have enough tea and all of the teas mentioned above come with an array of healthy benefits. If you’re trying to cut out caffeine from your diet or would like to build your immune system a little during the winter, then natural teas are perfect. Don’t forget to experiment with spices and if you’re confident enough, try growing your own herbs and farming your own tea!

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