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The Best Thailand Holiday Insurance

The best insurance companies for your holiday in Thailand include high limits for medical coverage. Many holiday insurance plans have minimal coverage for medical expenses, so compare plans carefully to protect yourself from unexpected medical bills while traveling on holiday.

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Are you planning to take a holiday to Thailand? Keep reading to find out how to protect yourself from unexpected expenses!

In this article, we’ll discuss how to secure holiday insurance with the right travel insurance company for your holiday. Find out where to compare holiday insurance plans for free!

We’ll also let you know where you can find answers to your own questions.

If you’re not sure what type of insurance coverage you’re looking for in Thailand, read our guide What Insurance Do I Need in Thailand?

Top Insurance Companies For Holidays In Thailand

Protect yourself from expensive yet unexpected medical costs on your Thailand holiday with a travel insurance plan with robust medical benefits. You’ll find the best medical coverage from insurance companies that specialize in international medical coverage.

Bangkok: A City With Diverse Attractions

Pacific Prime has partnered with specific companies for coverage in Thailand because they’re some of the best insurance companies in the country.

  • LUMA travel insurance plans cover children as young as 4 weeks to adults as old as 75 years of age on holiday in Thailand.
  • AXA Travel Insurance is perfect for holidays in Thailand. If you’re considering a move to Thailand, they also offer longer-term international health insurance plans.
  • IMG offers plans for both expats and travelers with outstanding benefits and affordable premiums.
  • Cigna is another company known for medical insurance that offers travel insurance plans in Thailand.
  • Geoblue boasts one of the largest worldwide networks of direct billing providers and offers travel insurance plans in Thailand.
  • LMG Insurance in Thailand offers plans for expats and holiday-takers in Thailand.
  • Allianz Ayudhya is another fantastic insurance company with offerings for holiday insurance in Thailand.
  • April International offers some of the best holiday insurance as well as expat insurance plans in Thailand.
  • AIA Medical Insurance is also a great place to find holiday insurance for your next trip to Thailand.
  • Pacific Cross Insurance offers holiday insurance plans in Thailand and Schengen-approved plans for your other holidays.
  • Thaivivat sells insurance plans for expats and holiday-takers in Thailand.
  • MSIG also offers some of the best insurance for holidays in Thailand, with great medical coverage.
  • Optimum Global has insurance solutions for your next holiday in Thailand that include medical coverage.

If you’re looking for group insurance plans, you may also want to consider plans from Muang Thai Insurance and Generali Insurance.

Finding The Right Plan For Your Thailand Holiday

Travel insurance plans with medical benefits have exclusions for coverage, but some companies are great for recreational sports, and others may offer the best direct billing network to simplify the claims process. You’ll also want to know what insurance companies are accepted at local hospitals.

Medical Care in Thailand for Holidays

Thailand tourists on holiday may receive care at either public or private hospitals. Be aware that public hospitals in Thailand only offer free point-of-care medical services to Thailand residents, and they use a dual-pricing model that covers foreigners more for the same services.

For more information about how the medical system in Thailand works, you will find additional information on our Thailand webpage.

High-Risk Activities during Holidays in Thailand 

Holiday high-risk activities like skiing or water sports need an additional rider for accidents needing medical attention to be covered by a travel insurance policy. If you’re planning high risk activities during your trip to Thailand, consider travel insurance through AXA.

Holiday Travel Insurance Exclusions 

Holiday insurance doesn’t include coverage for intentional self-harm or destruction of property. Travel insurance also doesn’t cover medical expenses for pre-existing conditions. Read the terms and conditions carefully or ask an insurance broker to help you understand exclusions. 

Holiday Insurance in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Holiday insurance isn’t limited to specific cities, so you won’t need an insurance policy specific to Chiang Mai. However, you may appreciate plan features that match up with your travel plans for Chiang Mai. To read more about travel insurance for Chiang Mai, read this article.

Holiday Insurance in Bangkok, Thailand

Holiday insurance covers entire regions rather than only specific cities such as Bangkok, Thailand. However, you may prefer plans with coverage that aligns with your vacation plans in Bangkok. To learn more about insurance plans of interest for tourists on holiday in Bangkok, read this article.

Thailand Holiday Advice

Plan your holiday in Thailand by knowing the expected weather during your stay, and be aware of health risks for your time abroad. With the right planning, you can not only secure an excellent holiday insurance policy, but you can be prepared to make the most of your vacation.

The Grand Palace: Thailand's Majesty

Seasonal Thailand Holiday Advice

The weather in Thailand varies by season. Don’t worry though because there’s a place for everyone during any season!

  • In the summer, consider visiting Koh Samui, Phuket, and Chiang Mai. Summer in Thailand is March through May.
  • During the rainy season, Ayutthaya, Kanchanaburi, and Koh Chang are great for holidays. Thailand’s rainy season is June through October.
  • Look into Bangkok, Pai, and Hua Hin for a holiday to Thailand during the winter months of November through March.

If you would like to know more about each city and when to visit, check out this article on the best time to visit Thailand. You’ll learn more about tourist attractions in every season.

Thailand Holiday Health Risks

Planning for health risks should happen at least 8 weeks before your holiday in Thailand. Speak to your physician to find out what vaccines and medications you’ll need before you travel. Thailand’s climate means that you are at a greater risk of certain diseases.

Following the following recommendations for travel to Thailand from the NHS will help you stay safe and healthy while on holiday.

  • Wash hands appropriately before and after using the restroom, changing nappies, or eating. 
  • Drink only beverages in commercially sealed containers or drinks that have been boiled before being served. If you must purify your own water, find a safe yet effective method.
  • Avoid insect bites by using repellent and avoiding areas where mosquitoes and other biting insects are common.
  • Avoid wild and unvaccinated domesticated animals since rabies is a health risk in Thailand.
  • Take precautions with any sexual partners abroad.
  • Protect yourself from the sun with clothing and sunscreen, and limit your time during the sun’s peak hours.

Pacific Prime has additional information about some of the diseases you may encounter while in Thailand. The articles will contain additional information about travel advice, vaccines, and treatment while on holiday.

Additional Travel Inspiration

Pacific Prime specializes in international insurance, so our blog has a wealth of resources for travelers and expats. You can collect additional ideas for travel including locations by enjoying some of these blog posts.

Yan Nawa, Sathon, Bangkok 10120, Thailand

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you really need travel insurance for Thailand?

Thailand no longer requires travel insurance or COVID-19 insurance coverage for taking a holiday in Thailand. However, having a travel insurance plan with medical coverage is highly recommended.

How much is insurance for a holiday in Thailand?

A travel insurance plan for Thailand can cost as little as GBP £39 for one week of basic coverage including medical benefits. For more generous coverage, travel insurance plans may cost GBP £120 for a holiday in Thailand.

What insurance do you need for Thailand holiday?

You will want travel insurance that covers the cost of medical emergencies and personal property that you cannot afford to replace. Since medical expenses can become expensive fast, make sure you have sufficient medical coverage before taking a holiday in Thailand.


Taking a holiday in Thailand promises to be an outstanding adventure in the Land of Smiles. Make sure that you have appropriate travel health insurance because there are no NHS benefits in Thailand. Thailand’s hospitals charge tourists more for medical care than the local residents.

You can compare free quotes from multiple travel insurance companies by following this link.

Work with an insurance broker to find answers to your insurance questions

You’ll also find additional information and tips about Travel Insurance in Thailand by exploring more of our blog posts.

Planning a longer stay in Thailand? Find out how retirees, expats, and digital nomads can secure the best insurance in Thailand. You can also learn more about adding dental insurance coverage for your time abroad here.

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