Exercise Like the X-Men: 7 Steps to Personal Fitness

x-men Superheroes are smart, strong and powerful – and so are you. This summer, get your exercise regimen off the ground with these seven, superhero-worthy steps. The days of your fitness future await. Continue Reading…

How to Fuel Your Fitness

work out fuel Energy boosts throughout the day are invigorating, and it’s extra-important to be energized and awake before a workout so you can get the most out of it. However, finding a pre-workout snack can involve a lot of trial, error, and wasted time at the gym. The right snack will give you an energy boost, and pump you up rather than drag you down. It should be enough to temporarily satiate hunger, but not so much that you are stuffed to the brim when you try to work out. Timing can also be tricky. You want a quick snack you can fit in before your workout, but it can be hard to know just how long before hitting the gym you should fuel up. Here, we’ll clear up the confusion and recommend the best time to eat, the ideal foods and beverages for fuel, and how much to consume pre-workout to get you the best results possible. Continue Reading…

Tips for Having a Healthy Workplace

healthy workplace

Many people see their workspace as a dull, lifeless, gray place where they spend as little time as possible. And that’s because, for many, that’s exactly what it is! But we spend a huge amount of our life in our workspaces and there’s no reason they can’t reflect our personalities and lifestyles — we need to bring some of the outside in. Adding pictures, colors and objects that remind you of home and your life outside work can brighten your mood. Decluttering, organizing, and accommodating your workspace to fit your life can do wonders for your mental health and mood. These tips can help organize a home desk too and take it from a cluster of junk drawers to an organized and useful communication station for the whole family. These desk hacks can be broken into two categories – those that can help improve your physical health and wellness and those that help make your desk more fun, functional, and efficient. Continue Reading…

8 Things That Make CrossFit Different from Your Local Gym


CrossFit is hardcore. Some articles will want to convince you that it’s flexible and that everyone can enjoy it, but let’s face it, not everyone enjoys doing push-ups to the point of vomiting. CrossFit is not for the feint of heart. To put it into perspective, the Canadian Forces actually use this in their military training. And those Canadians are a pretty tough breed.

In a nutshell, CrossFit is a branded type of exercise (like Zumba or Nia) that focuses on core strength and conditioning, hitting all 10 major fitness domains: stamina, strength, flexibility, speed, coordination, power, agility, balance, accuracy, cardiovascular and respiratory endurance.

This is truly an exercise for elite athletes, policemen, firefighters and military men. Because it focuses on toning and conditioning, CrossFitters don’t end up bulky like heavyweight champions, which is important for many women who want to do intense fitness training. (Testosterone is what makes bodybuilders bulky, and women just don’t have the genetic profile to add that much muscle.)

It’s not for everyone, but those who love it are crazy for it. Here’s a little of what makes this new sport so special: Continue Reading…

If Superman’s Power Comes from the Sun, Does He Need to Be In Shape?

superman sun

While critics and audiences are somewhat divided on Man of Steel, the new Superman film, there’s one thing we can all agree on – Henry Cavill definitely looked the part.

However, seeing the iconic superhero on the silver-screen portrayed so closely to his physically over-the-top comic-book counterpart made me think of a shamelessly nerdy question:

If Superman’s power comes from the sun, does he even need big muscles?

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The Top Three Workouts to Maximize your Time

rock climbing

When it comes to fitness, the best sports are those that offer a great workout while engaging a number of different muscles in the body. Who doesn’t want to maximize their workout time, and tone and train as many parts of the body in as little time as possible? Check out these top three workouts which use your whole body – you might be surprised by which sports are best. And remember: any physical activity is better than sitting on the couch, so start easy or start slow, but start! Continue Reading…