The Top 6 Vacations for Warming Up Over Winter


With winter having well and truly clasped its icy tendrils around us, it can get harder and harder to get out of bed in the mornings. For some of us, winter is the perfect excuse to dust off the snowboard and hit the slopes; for others it’s time to hibernate.

If your idea of a perfect winter getaway doesn’t revolve around the snow, and the prospect of icy temperatures has you shivering already, don’t despair. Simply follow the sun with our pick of some of the best winter blues-busting destinations in Asia and beyond. Continue Reading…

Winter Drinks: How to Make Warm Spiced Wine à la Game of Thrones

Oh, Game of Thrones! So bloody. So juicy. So…delicious?

Indeed. All that carnage makes a knight’s stomach growl. After the battle there’s always time for hearty rabbit stew, honey-roasted chicken, thick pumpkin soup, roast onions swimming in brown gravy followed by lemon cakes and pigeon pie.

And with all those mouth-watering dishes flows a river of inventive vintages; strongwine from Dorne, as dark as vengeance itself; dreamwine from Qarth, to wash away aches and pains; the wine of courage for the Unsullied; metallic Ghiscari white, from the ruined city es Essos; and of course, hot, spiced wine at the end of a long day in any of the seven kingdoms of Westeros.

Any Game of Thrones fan worth his salt should be able to brew a nice pot of hot spiced wine. It may surprise readers to know that this popular medieval beverage is still around today. Spiced wine, or mulled wine as it is sometimes called, can be brewed easily in the modern-day kitchen, with ingredients found in most supermarkets. Continue Reading…

Cold Comfort: 5 Favourite Winter Recipes

When temperatures plummet most of us crave a little comfort food to stave off the chills. Here are five moreish recipes to get you through the winter season with a contented smile on your face: Continue Reading…

Lifehack: 4 Unconventional Sources of Vitamin C


Which vitamin keeps the skin looking taut and youthful, fights off nasty winter colds and prevents the body from becoming overwhelmed with stress? Yep, vitamin C does all these things and more. Continue Reading…

Top Tips for Preventing a Cold This Winter

The days are getting shorter and the mercury is starting to dip. That’s right, winter is around the corner and along with it, all those nasty coughs and colds that come as part of the package. But don’t fear! It’s easier than you think to stay healthy over the chilly months. We look at some of the best ways to avoid getting sick, and if you happen to fall ill, we’ll also show you how best to minimize the impact. Continue Reading…

The Health Risks of Winter

Brace yourselves, winter is upon us! And with it’s inevitable drop in temperature comes an increase in risks to your health. In regions that experience proper seasonal weather (not you Sweden, or conversely Jamaica) there are typically twice as many deaths in winter as in summer. In the UK, for every degree the temperature drops below 18C, the death rate rises by 1.5%, and there were an estimated excess of 25,700 deaths during winter in the UK in 2010/11. America similarly had an excess of 95,000 deaths over the winter months compared with the rest of the year. The majority of these deaths are of seniors over 65, so old people, wrap yourselves up warm and be careful. Most deaths during this time (some 70%) are due to icy roads causing traffic accidents, but lets look at some of the health risks that come with mean ol’ Jack Frost.

Continue Reading…