The Travel Junkie’s Ultimate Bucket List

bucket list
The traveller needs a special kind of bucket list. She doesn’t need to make a list of the Seven Wonders of the World and mark them on a map. She’s probably seen most of them already, or else she knows more interesting places worth seeing, ones that don’t come with casinos and chain restaurants.

The traveller needs the kind of list that challenges and excites the mind. He knows where to find adventure outside himself, but sometimes neglects the adventures that can only be had within. Enter the alternative bucket list. Continue Reading…

Top 12 Smartphone Travel Apps

travel apps
Alongside a suitcase, smartphones are the most important accessory for many travellers. Designed to make everything easier – from planning a trip to finding out the what to do when you are away – there are a huge number of applications available to help take the headache out of travelling. Whether a trip is for business or pleasure, we present some of the best smartphone travel apps available. Continue Reading…

Tips for Avoiding and Getting Over Jetlag

jet lag

Few things are nicer than getting away on an extended vacation, and when it involves crossing several time zones it is especially relaxing since so much distance between you and home makes it easier to let go of the stress and hustle of daily life.

The only thing that can take away from the long-looked-forward-to holiday is feeling exhausted all day long and then being wide awake at 3 a.m. And then when it comes time to head back to real life, it’s not just the stack of unread emails and small disasters that occurred at work in your absence that can cause stress, because getting back into a normal sleep routine often take a few days or even a couple of weeks for many people. So, to enjoy that much needed break without feeling like a train wreck when you get there or get home, here are a few tips to combat the dreaded jetlag. Continue Reading…

Backpacking America Part 6 – New Mexico, Arizona and the Big Decision…


After a couple of months on hiatus (due to a few weeks on vacation in Spain and trying to keep up with other work obligations) there is finally some free time to give attention to the next two stops on this epic backpacking/road tripping adventure across America.

Picking up where we left off in Part 5 at the New Mexico state line on State Highway 285, it’s time to taste the Southwest. Things are about to get a lot hotter, both in terms of food and weather. Continue Reading…

A Guide to Backpacking in Indonesia – Part 2

In Part 1, which is available for viewing here, we looked at Indonesia’s most popular backpacking locations which provide visitors with a feel and impression for the entire country. In Part 2, we delve a little deeper and turn our attention to the country’s transport infrastructure and how best to move around, Indonesian cuisine and its most popular dishes, society and culture, and the accommodation options available to those backpacking and moving through the islands. Continue Reading…

Pacific Prime Scholarship Awards – Essay 1

Pacific Prime believes in investing in the education of our future generations and has an ongoing program of scholarships in hopes of doing this. Recently, we provided students with the chance to receive USD $1000 by submitting an essay based on health, travel, diversity, education or all of the above. Three individuals were selected to receive the scholarship and over the next few weeks we will be posting the winning essays.



The first winning essay was written by Neil Gerstein. Currently a junior at Iowa State University, he is double majoring in global resource systems and economics. Neil plans on traveling to China to intern at Zhejiang University in Hangzhou this August and then on to Beijing in September to study at Tsinghua University. Continue Reading…

What You Need to Know About Traveling the Philippines

philippine rice terraces


The Philippines is an archipelago made up of more than 7,000 individual islands located on the eastern edge of Asia. With over 100 million citizens, the Philippines is the 12th most populated country in the world, offering visitors a wide variety of ethnicities, cultures, and different people to meet. The country itself is very diverse as well, with the fifth longest coastline in the world. Island in the Philippines are covered with mountains, volcanoes, tropical rainforests and beaches that tourists and locals alike are known to enjoy. More than just natural beauty, the Philippines is also home to big and bustling cities, like its capital city, Manila. The Philippines offers a variety of outdoor activities, historical sites, and endless island hopping. Continue Reading…

The Classiest Party Spots in Europe This Summer



While the young graduates of the world are busy frying their brains in Ibiza, dancing their little hearts out in sweaty clubs to the next big thing in the world of DJs and dance music, the slightly more refined Euro-traveller could be sipping on finely brewed pilsner and conversing in broken English with an elderly Czech gentlemen on the banks of the Vltava river. Ah, what bliss!

If classy beverages and stimulating conversation are more your thing, you’ll find plenty such intellectual and cultural fodder all over Europe. Hint: you’ll get even more bang for your book by learning traditional games like backgammon or chess before packing the ol’ seven piece luggage set and waving your friends ta-ta. Read on to find out about 3 of the more classy party spots in Europe to explore this summer. Continue Reading…

Following the Journey: Peking to Paris Race Part 2

Car 38

The famous vintage car race has entered its final week, and as proud sponsors, we take a look at Car 38’s progress and how Michelle Jana Chan and Mike Reeves coped as they were put through their paces in Russia.

Continue Reading…

A Guide To Backpacking In Indonesia – Part 1


Why Indonesia?

Widely regarded as being one of the cheapest destinations to visit in the Southeast Asian region, Indonesia is unsurprisingly a magnet for backpackers. Its location along the equator and warm year-round climate ensures large numbers of travelers visit the country at all times of the year, while the local people are also thought of as being among the most friendly and hospitable in the world. Although good weather and friendly locals are important factors in making Indonesia a popular choice for backpackers, they merely scratch the surface of this fascinating country. Continue Reading…