Backpacking America Part 7 – New Mexico’s Aliens and the Long Ride Across Texas

If you are reading this, then congratulations are in order because, in the virtual world at least, you have committed to covering several thousand more miles of America’s roadways over the next few weeks. So tip your cowboy hat to your partner and get ready to make for the Deep South and eventually the East Coast. America is about to get a lot greener and a lot more diverse. Continue Reading…

The Top Vegan Cities in the United States

Brad Pitt is one. Angelina Jolie used to be, but isn’t now. Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi both are. Mike Tyson is and wishes he’d been one “since birth,” while Bill Clinton became one in 2010 following a health scare.

Veganism, it seems, is on the rise, and not just among celebrities. There are currently somewhere in the region of 7 million vegans living the United States, a figure that has doubled in just three years, according to a recent poll commissioned by the Vegetarian Resource Group. Read on to find out what the top vegan cities in the US are, you might be surprised! Continue Reading…